The Office Games Round VII: Hi Mouse. I’m Cat.

Round Seven of The Office Games in which nothing much happens. Except it does.

“You want to meet at Maria’s at noon?” Jack asked while hovering in my doorway. (Our lunches are getting to be a regular thing)

“Sure, but we better make it 12:30. I’m finishing up some stuff,” I said with a quick glance up before diving back into my work.

He leaned a broad shoulder against the doorframe and crossed one long leg over the other as if he planned to linger a while. I looked back up at him and raised an eyebrow.

“Shoo. Now. I don’t have time to entertain you.”

“Oh really?” he said with a devilishly handsome sideways grin, blue eyes twinkling.

“Really. Be gone tall one, “ I said while waving a dismissive hand at him for good measure.

He got.

The dynamic is shifting. I can feel it. We’re getting more comfortable around each other and at the same time we’re both toying with the other, crossing lines with seemingly innocent (and sometimes not so innocent) verbal banter. It’s morphing into a fascinating game of cat and mouse. Only he thinks he’s the cat. And maybe he was in the beginning. But not now.

I present these text messages as an example:

Jack: The Seattle trade show dates are set for mid-October. You going?
Me: I dunno. Depends on if there’s a large enough need for me to be there to justify the cost.*
Jack: Well yeah! I’ll just tell the boss I need help manning the booth.
Jack: Plus you know we’d have an awesome time.
Me: Uh huh. You just want to use me as bait.
Jack: You’d make very good bait
Me: I know. See if you can sell it to him. If so I’ll pack my good heels and everything.
Jack: Everything?
Me: Easy tiger.
Jack: Why aren’t all women like you?
Me: Because a lot of women don’t like being objectified.
Jack: And you don’t mind.
Me: I haven’t slapped you yet have I? :)
Jack: Hey!!! I don’t objectify anything!
Me: :)

Yeah. I know I’m getting a little cocky about this and it might come back to bite me in the ass. Maybe (or hopefully) literally? We shall see.

*P.S. I think he should automatically lose for not pouncing on this obvious word play. “large enough need”??? Come on!!!

P.S.S. It feels weird to post an Office Games update on the weekend. : )

26 thoughts on “The Office Games Round VII: Hi Mouse. I’m Cat.

  1. dangerous is good, no?
    i went to seattle once….it was dark….and wet….i saw the airport strip in the dark and the wet – ‘the airport’ was a local barmaid with whom i fell in love after sucking shots of vodka from her belly button…..this is not an entirely made-up story……

  2. Mmmmm.
    “broad shoulder”….”one long leg over”….”devilishly handsome”….”blue eyes twinkling”
    Approval adjectives, adverbs.

    Is he selling; are you selecting?

    Selected, sold?

  3. Unless his plan is to have you take the lead, at which point in his mind he is winning.

    I will venture that you haven’t up the ante with the infamous “eating a banana at your desk
    ” salvo.

  4. Ah-ha! I too think he didn’t respond to the obvious ‘need’ comment because it might have been too obvious ;) but looking good, girl! This is the phase I enjoy the most…

  5. Yes, this round most definitely goes to you, Ms. Kitty Noodle Maid Marian (how many names can I possibly come up for you?? Jesus Christ haha). I’m so loving this whole thing! xx Hy

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