The Office Games Round VIII: Nooner

The hot afternoon sun beat down on my blonde waves as Jack and I strolled out of our usual lunch spot. We fell into step, relaxed from the easy conversation and a glass of wine each. His white oxford sleeve grazed my arm as we made our way across the parking lot to our vehicles.

About thirty yards away a woman had the back passenger door of her car open and was obviously searching for something. While barefoot.

“That woman doesn’t have shoes on,” Jack whispered conspiratively, “I bet she was having a nooner!”

“A nooner? That quite a conclusion to jump to don’t you think?”

“No… she would have had to take them off so she didn’t mess up her back seat.”

“Two problems Romeo,” I said, “One, there’s no guy around. Two, it’s too damn hot.”

“He left already.”

“It’s still too damn hot for that sort of nonsense.”

“Yeah, maybe so.”

We reached our parking places, my sleek convertible parked next to his four-door truck.

“You car doesn’t have enough room for that,” he said suggestively.

“Not with the top up anyway,” I grinned.

He laughed heartily at my brazenness. I looked up into his mischievous blue eyes, waiting to see if he would dance even further across our ever-blurring line of decorum. He did.

“Now my truck on the other hand…”

I raised a questioning eyebrow.

“It’s got plenty of room! Just look at this big bed back here!” he said, patting the top of the closed tailgate.

“Mmmmm… might be a little uncomfortable though. That hard plastic bed liner would be hell on the knees,” I teased while opening my car door.

I think he must have thought he misheard me because he walked toward me and asked, “The knees?”

“Darling, do I have to get out my karma sutra book and show you pictures? Whoever’s on top will end up with some seriously sore kneecaps.”

He grinned and shook his head before saying, “Let me think on that. I bet I can figure something out.”

I’m willing to bet he’ll try.

22 thoughts on “The Office Games Round VIII: Nooner

  1. Hmm your post had me thinking about the best ways to f*** in a truck. It most certaintly would be an interesting problem to have…

  2. Gosh, you said knees and the images that popped into my head. You’d get caught doing that. This verbal sparring is very very interesting. :)

      • In this case its a sham, a decoy. It lets him legitimately raise a topic of interest to him but the object of the interest appears relatively unimportant, the woman without shoes. Here, it lets him raise the topic of illicit sex at lunchtime and invites you to show your position on this without him having to reveal his interest. Knowing your views, he can develop his position or discard it without risking Office Games points.

        The woman without shoes had, of course, just kicked them off to drive barefoot to avoid scuffing them, as anybody wearing Louboutins would.

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  4. 4) Grab the tallest pair of boots you own, put those and some sexy lace undies on, and when he gets home from work, meet him in the hallway, shove him against the wall, and tell him he’s been a naughty boy — and he needs to please YOU tonight.

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