44 thoughts on “Sex or Wine

  1. new haircut with straight hair framing your face over that glass of wine, u? ;)
    if it’s not champagne (i know, i’m italian but in this a trojan horse to french, only in this) i choose gewürztraminer for me, with ice cubes and sex of course – no aut-aut

    • Aren’t you observant! No new hair cut… I just took time to blow it dry. : ) I haven’t had gewürztraminer in ages! Forgot about it really. Might have to run to the store now that you’ve got me thinking about it. And yes… it’s best when one can have both. : )

  2. Ohhh a quiz! I love quizzes:-)

    This one is easy!

    Mmmmmm. Sex or wine??

    Sex with somebody who can hold a wine glass like in the picture, above? Always!

    Sex with me? Really, I think you’d prefer the wine. But, hey, make it a good year and at the right temperature!

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