The Office Games Round X: Blindsided

My contact with Jack has been limited since the lusty phone call last week. Our previous witty banter via email and text came to a screeching halt. I don’t know if he felt awkward after blurting out that he wanted to fuck me and didn’t know what to say or if he was simply waiting for me to make the next move. Between our schedules and the upcoming Labor Day weekend we had time for little more than a quick “hi” as we passed in the halls on Thursday and Friday. So other than goosebumps running down my arms and legs when he brushed up against me in the supply room and a couple of long looks where we both had trouble breaking eye contact there’s been little to report. Until today.

“Marian,” Jack said via the office-to-office intercom, “I’ve got [project we’re working on] up on my screen. Can you come take a look?”

“Sure, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

I finished up my immediate task and then walked to his office. A meeting just across the hall droned on rather loudly so I wasn’t surprised to find his door shut. I rapped softly, opened the door, stepped in and closed it behind me. Jack was already on his feet.

“Hey, thanks for taking a look at this,” he said, his manner all business. “Have a seat so you can make changes as we go.”

I sat in Jack’s black leather chair in front of his computer while he stood beside me, following along as I scrolled through the project and began pecking away at the keyboard, making changes. I looked up to explain what I was doing but the words caught in my throat. He wasn’t looking at the computer screen.

His expression was one of pure lust. My eyes went round as I felt rather than saw his next move. One intake of breath and his lips were on mine, urgent, demanding, soft and hard. And god help me, I met him half way. My mouth opened and our tongues delicately touched, testing and tasting before we broke the kiss. Neither one of us said a word. I stood up and turned to face him; less than a centimeter separated us.

“You have no idea what kind of a Pandora’s box you’re trying to open,” I whispered.

“I’m willing to risk it,” he growled and then pulled me against him.

My four-inch heels helped make up for our considerable height difference and as my breasts were crushed against his chest I felt his erection throbbing just above my pubic bone. Our mouths merged in a flurry of silent passion—craving, giving, getting—before we broke the embrace.

“I should go back to my office,” I panted, “You know how the company feels about
these things.”

“I know, you’re right,” Jack said, rubbing his forehead.

My hand was on the door handle when he spoke.

“Marian, that was incredible.”

I turned back towards him and we both started grinning.

“Yeah,” I said, the canary-eating smile still stretched across my face, “it was.”

He texted me a little while ago and asked if I’d go have drinks with him after work on Thursday. I’ve agreed…

50 thoughts on “The Office Games Round X: Blindsided

  1. GAAAAWWWWD – why Thursday ?! – ok wait a day – good form and manners – but thursday? Shit, why not Friday and be together all night? Oh – too much too soon? Ok then, take clothes wherever you go on Thursday so there isn’t the possibility of you showing up at work on Friday in the same clothes as Thursday. Oh – I’ve gone overboard? If I re-read your afternoon horny posts – you will actually be way worse than overboard. I’m happy for you for all the excitement ahead. This is the time to savor for Wintertime. : ) I can’t believe you didn’t even talk since that phonecall of his. I guess you have control. : ) Thanks for having something fun for my entertainment. You are such a great friend! LOL! Go out to lunch and drive him crazy for Thursday. Jayne

    • No time for lunch today… but he has been by my office a couple of times. Nothing spicy to report other than him checking out my boobs. ; ) We will see what happens tomorrow evening. And you CRACK me up. LOVE your idea on planning ahead!!! LOL

  2. Oh my goodness. Yes. The question is, did he truly need your help, or was it all a ruse so he could have you all alone for that moment? Does it matter? He was bold either way, and that surely bodes well.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    • It’s damn additive. But the poor guy has NO idea what he’s attempting to unlock. You have read me long enough to know what bubbles just beneath the surface. I don’t share that with my “real life” people… So if I do decide to let him get a glimpse it should come as a surprise for sure.

  3. I’m thinking that sometimes it is this Building-up, Before time that is the Best! Savor every minute of it. We are all counting on you to make this date for drinks go down in sex blog history! Make it big Marian, if not only for your own pleasure, for ours! héhéhé!

    Match/Set/Game. (?)

    Congratulatory Bisous,

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