How to Let a Guy Down Easy

So remember way back at the end of June when I said I was turning down sex left and right? Well, Ben has been (Ha! Ben/been) quite persistent as you’ll see in the text messages that follow below. So I took some drastic measures. I followed some good advice. One blogger gave some suggestions via email that basically said, invent an old lover who’s returned and tell Ben to bug off. With my plan in place all I needed was a former lover. Thankfully I didn’t have to put much thought into it because Scot (aka The Dom Next Door) invented Glenn in the comments of my turning down sex post. So if you ever need to let a suitor down easily… send in Glenn to do your dirty work. He’s fresh out of periodontist school so he won’t mind!

The visual evidence…

As a side note… this is PRIME example of why I don’t give out my phone number. I hope you notice that before I resorted to sending Glenn in for “clean up” I ignored him multiple times over the course of two and a half months. Thoughts? I DID let him down easy, right??

78 thoughts on “How to Let a Guy Down Easy

  1. Yeah, easy peasy. Goooood.
    I told someone I wasn’t interested, and it became weeks of annoyance (I did not beat around the bush). He wanted to know why, and even though I clearly said I didn’t like him anymore, he insisted on specific reasons why I didn’t like him, as if he was going to change himself for me to be interested again. I just learned that even being honest isn’t as good as being brutal, sometimes.

  2. Yes, you lewt him down easy, and were very kind since he must have either thought you just were not getting his texts that went unanswered, or some other lame justification. You surely left an impression, though, and I don;t think you’ve heard the last of Ben. Look for a How’s is going in a month or so. LOL

  3. Men don’t need to be let down easy. They need to be told straight up what is what. Look at it this way; the pain of realizing they’re not ‘the’ one or even ‘one’ of many is as close as they’ll ever get to the pain of childbirth. Just tell them, they’ll get through it. Glenn is just helping you kick the can down the road.



  4. Ah, yes, the old “my friend I thought was gay but isn’t is in my life now” routine. I’ve gotten a number of rejections and been let off easy before, but that is just funny. I hope he doesn’t have an intellect as mind-blowingly, ridiculously incredible as mine (to the point that it’s absurd, really), or else he could be calling bullshit, but he should get the point : )
    I agree with Doug. I got pissed at this one girl I tried to get a date with early this summer, because she was very wishy-washy about letting me down, and finally said no, more or less, so I told her a guy needs to be told to fuck off, however nicely one chooses to do so, but be firm, or else he will persist. So I persisted, and talked her into a date again, and I was like, ‘No! We went through this already. I’m not the guy and I haven’t changed from two weeks ago.’ So I wrote her a bunch of mildly nutty emails and she rejected me again, and all was well in the world. She was cute, too, damn it.

    • Wow talk about history repeating itself, it just dawned on me my friend very directly told me I’m not the one and she doesn’t see anything working out (because I’m poor and ambitionless). And yet, I made her change her mind on that (apparently by means of a picture of my cock in hand). Now I’ve confused myself. Let her go or be confident and keep at it? Sombitch, I dunno…

        • Sure, sure, anything for you. No one ever says, Wow, Justin, I admire you and your life and your mind and your creative potential and your work in you gardens. But they love to see my cock. Awesome ; )

            • If you’re looking for a picture of my cock, it’s not happening. I’m new at this and I think I hit my cap already. Three is quite enough for an increment of time I have not yet determined. I expect it will be somewhere between thirty days and upwards of a year or two before anyone else sees my perhaps slightly above average banana-cock in picture format. Unless certain recipients have shared? Whatever.
              Were you being serious? Please excuse my trust issues. I thank you kindly.

              • i must confess i’m not looking for a picture of your cock, banana-shaped or otherwise, but thank you very much for the detailed explanation – though i confess also, i don’t know what it explains – i read your lament for praise of your existence so took the call to arms and copied and pasted…..i’ve seen nothing of your gardens…..but i aim to…..and please, distrust to your heart’s content

                • Ah, well, let me explain further then. I once was a man who did not send cock pictures, and recently became a man who does. And what I realized was that a picture of my cock appears to be able to bend women’s wills (and vaginas) more in my direction. Turns out that being a shoulder to cry on and being one who feels for someone and offers up encouragement and support amounts to shit as far as getting laid goes. As for the three recipients, one is a real person in my life, and two are internet fantasies. One drives me a little crazy, and is a kinda sorta might be a girlfriend some day soon. The other two, well, all I can say is, wow. But we began by feeling up each others blogs some. A little caress of a comment here, a like there. When the time was right and a certain level of trust and understanding and mutual respect was gained, I put my cock in their inboxes. The results were favorable, and I look forward to the possibility of taking these relationships to new heights that could possibly include videos, or web-cam sex.
                  Doesn’t it sound romantic?
                  And now you just made a new comment that pretty well rendered this whole thing moot. That is funny you thought maybe I thought someone shared one of these pictures with you. I thought that for a second and then I was like, no, no way.
                  Well, enough of cock. Was it a nice jumper?

                • it was rubbish; apologies for making moot, you just don’t know how these things come across in type, but i reckon…..we’re ok……and i wish you the best of luck in both your real life sexual endeavours and your internet web cam/video sex…..i can vouch for both; they’re really rather fun….and those vaginas really like those cocks don’t they? i only erred because my sex has been mistaken – online that is – but anyhoo enough of this confusion; may your cock bring forth much vagina

            • Boy that looks familiar for some reason. And that typo, I swear I’ve seen it somewhere before. Being greeted by Pythons on your page was a pleasant surprise : )

                • I’d hesitate to engage you in conversation here for fear of the wrath of Noodle again, but she’s a little busy right now, distracted by the scent of sausage in Hyacinth’s kitchen. She’s quite a cook, that Hy. Women from all over the blogoversasphere flock to her to learn the secrets of how she gathers such high quality ingredients to make some truly spectacular, mouth-watering sausages. I’d like to give them both some tips on how I make my own sausage, but so far, their interest is fleeting. I suppose it is only fitting. There are, after all, countless sausages. And I can only push mine on them so much before I think, well, there are countless sausage lovers in this world. One can only hope for the right balance between maker and eater of sausage, some day in this lifetime. It is bound to happen eventually.

                • ‘Tis bold to dream such dreams, though I fear your hopes may ne’er come to fruition; for how hard would it be were we to find ourselves in a time where the prevailing social mantra is ‘one sausage maker to one sausage lover’; would one ever meet one’s true sausage mate? And what if one finds out down the line that the sausage one once thought one was destined for turns out to be a bitter and twisted, resentful sausage, who blames one for making her settle for a sausage she knew deep down wasn’t her soul meat, but it’s just so damanbly hard to find a good sausage these days!!!!!! Yes one had prospects and security, but where’s the life?? where’s the passion??!! I HAVE NEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  …but I could be wrong……..

                • I and I speak truth there.
                  My prescription for the issue at hand is an herb of the earth, in copious amounts, so that the issue is merely a thought process I return to again and again in a cyclical process. As a thought process, I am better able to keep my sausage recipe to myself and work on improving the delicate balance of hot and sweet and spicy, but the desire to share my recipe and learn from the techniques of others can be so intense at times that I feel that I must work with another. I’ve kept my recipe for a long time. It can be distasteful indeed when one’s recipe adds nothing to another’s. There is always that chance.

                • Ah but one must throw one’s sausage out there – with all its spice and heat and sweat – yes there may be wolves, and even rabbits with their nasty, sharp, pointy teeth, but there will also be seagulls, who whilst their technique may be a little rough, are tender at heart and wish for nothing but to enjoy one’s sausage – there are many animals who may not take kindly to one’s recipe; but seagulls do exist – do not ignore the need….don’t dispense with the herb either though, it can give an enticing flavour all of its own….and remember; one cannot spell ‘destiny’, without writing ‘tin’……

    • I just didn’t want to leave him with hope for the future and I didn’t want him to think it was his fault. Being one-uped by a possibly gay periodontist didn’t seem like a bad way to go for me.

      • You know I didn’t think about this very much but if he thinks you’re telling the truth, well then telling him he was out-manned by a quasi-gay guy is pretty harsh. He might be questioning his manhood now, crying himself to sleep. I take back what I said. Nice job : )

  5. You are far more generous than I would have been! LOL I would have brought in Glenn a lot earlier. I’ve always used past lovers to blow off unwelcomed, clueless suitors. Dang.. I hope they don’t read this!!!! :)

    ~ vista

  6. he was calling you “babygirl.” that carries an implication of closeness. if that closeness really existed (because it did for him, but maybe not for you) then maybe more was needed from you in the break up thing. if he was just going too far too soon, then it’s his own fault.

  7. Hey Stranger :), How are you doing? Was your morning good? Is this a good time? I just wanted to make sure before I annoyed the hell out of you and made myself look like a stalker with no balls.


  8. I keep telling people that Scot (TDND) is a genius. You and he just solidified that argument. Thank you. ;-)

    Yes, you let the guy down easy. Easier than I have let guys down, and I hate being “the bad guy.” Job well done.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  9. I may be unpopular but I think you sort of led him on by not saying anything. I think you could have stopped him on…oh, maybe July 23rd or Aug 3rd, with an: “FYI friend, I’m in a relatinship and have to ask you to lose my number.” Letting him text and text and text would have been irritating the hell out of me. You acheived your goal no matter what. Congrats!

  10. What a wonderful person you are:-) I love the way you let this guy walk away with a smile and his pride intact. Sure, he was playing out of his league, and who would not want to having seen your picture with wine. Sure, he was persisting until a firmer shove was applied. But he was nice enough to share a bruised lip with, so it was good not to burn him.
    You girls commenting are so harsh! Save it for the players and stalkers, not the nearly-nice-enough. You are all too scary as it is!

  11. I was giggling at the above comments about the use of “babygirl”. It takes a certain kind of man to pull it off, I think. There is a tone and chemistry that has to be in place before someone can throw those terms of endearment. Just some dude hitting on you tho..ugh! He needs new game.
    Love the made-up cock block! so funny!

  12. Far to kind, far to patient.

    Babygirl would have pissed me up to the moon and boiled my panties. But then I am one of those self-righteous b*tches who make clear “I am not your baby anything until such time as you have made me orgasm at least 100 times and bought me dinner 2X that and conducted meaningful conversations that begin with my name, you know say my name!”

    Besides, intimacy is not formed over late night drinks and a mistaken phone number.

    Nah, just tell him outright, “I don’t even remember what you look like, stop texting me please.”

    • Ohhh…. I would have a hard time being that harsh. Partly because I don’t want him (or any other man for that matter) to give up hope on women in general. So my thought is that if I let them down gently they will be more likely to try again with another woman. Preferably one who doesn’t mind being called babygirl after a first meeting… ; )

  13. Jesus what the hell is wrong with guys?! I understand trying twice, three times. Maybe another one next month. But THAT MANY MESSAGES?!

    …that said, this is exactly what my first ever boyfriend did and he won me hahahahha

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