Noodle and I are gonna give The Neighbor a double blowjob.

So… Here’s what I’ll be up to on Friday. : )

A Dissolute Life Means...

Ok, not really. Read on, friends. It’ll make sense in a minute, I promise.

Boundaries are something I’m chewing on. Sometimes I have good ones, like, for example I turned down a possible foursome and a for-sure fucking with Kevin last night — he always complains I’m too athletic of a lover. I don’t have time for that bullshit. Usually, though, I have bad boundaries, for example with The Neighbor.

Last night I asked him to hit balls with me and my softball team and he said yes, but at the last-minute my team backed out. I offered for it to be just me and him, but he opted out. Then I realized that the new girl on my team, a petite girl with a brash, yet ineffectual personality was still in. I asked if she’d still want to practice with just me. She said yes. When I told…

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15 thoughts on “Noodle and I are gonna give The Neighbor a double blowjob.

  1. You should tell Hy that you want to take her to that bar where she was at and no one was talking to her. Go with her there and see what happens – you could help her meet someone!! Meanwhile she could tell TN you wanted to take Hy to meet a good guy. He shouldn’t have the chance to enjoy you two for the whole evening – even if he said he would take you both out for dinner.

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