The Results of Last Night’s Wing-Girl Practice

A few of you requested details from last night’s practice run so here you go folks.
The results are in:

  • Time at bar: 8:49 until 11:32 so total time was just under three hours
  • Number of times hit on: eight
  • Number of drinks bought for me: four
  • Number of men who asked for my number: three
  • Number of men to actually got my number: zero
  • Number of men who got to take me home: zero

So that’s the evening by the numbers. I feel like I brushed up on my game so, unless we’re dealing with a completely different type of man in Hy’s neck of the woods, we should be in for a good time. Now for some details.

I have a new method to not giving out my number that I tried last night and it worked like a charm. When the topic of exchanging digits was broached I simply said, “Oh, thank you for asking, but I don’t give out my number. To anyone. But if I did, I’d share it with you. We’ll just have to run into each other again. I get out every now and then.” I closed with a big smile and everyone was happy.


27 thoughts on “The Results of Last Night’s Wing-Girl Practice

  1. Personally, I never ask. I offer mine and then don’t worry about it. Then again, I also never buy drinks unless I know the person.

    • Mostly because I don’t want to deal with people calling. I’m a busy girl right now. The goal for the night was just to go out and get some light, fun attention. I’m not looking for someone to date, or sleep with or etc. right now. So I didn’t see the point in leading anyone one on with false hope.

  2. Damn girl! That’s way better than any of my nights out alone (of which there are MANY!). I can’t even remember the last time a MAN bought me a drink…I tend to chat up the ladies and then we end up getting hammered and buying shots all night (not flirting with them, but just finding new gfs to hang with). Have fun with Hy!!!

  3. While I’ve never asked for a woman’s number, I have said something along these lines: “I know it’s cliche to ask for your number, but I feel that’s a very personal requests. If you use any IM or chat services, here’s my screen name. I’d love to talk more if you’re up to it.”

    That approach has always served me better than asking for a phone number, and provides an easy out for her if she’s not interested.

    Congrats on the successful test run!

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

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