Adventures with Hyacinth

Crossing the line from being Hy’s virtual friend to her real life friend has been nothing less than amazing. She said something about keeping me slightly buzzed the entire time I’m here and so far that’s going swimmingly. I’m relaxing, decompressing, unwinding… Her home truly is a wonderful, happy haven and I’m so glad to be behind the digital curtain. We are en route to a local hangout and she swears we won’t get hit on… We shall see. ; )

And for those of you wondering… YES she is fucking gorgeous.

And no. I haven’t met The Neighbor. Yet.

21 thoughts on “Adventures with Hyacinth

  1. This is all a head trip for me. The two of you together, holy mother, it’s like stories and fantasies and realities all colliding and collapsing in on each other! It’s too much, really. Synapses- sputtering. Systems shutting down. That was a heart murmur there. Uh oh.

  2. Also — God, I’m so behind the 8 ball! — thank you for saying that I’m gorgeous! Of course I disagree, but whatever! And it’s you, my dear, who’s the gorgeous one: curves and curls and luscious lips all topped off with glittering green eyes and a Southern accent.

    OMG, I can’t believe that just happened! Miss you already! xx Hy

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