Meeting The Neighbor

Right now. Right this moment, I’m standing at Hy’s kitchen counter watching The Neighbor mix us drinks. And after the lame ass men in this town not hitting on us ONCE I get it. He is nice. Sorry folks. I know. I didn’t want to understand the appeal. I will keep you all posted.

33 thoughts on “Meeting The Neighbor

    • I too grimaced when I read this. It was the use of the word nice. Suddenly I saw a Robin Williams type with a pocket protector. I’m sure we’re both wrong!

      • a pocket protector? is that a fancy term for a zip? and i can’t imagine he’s a robin williams type….although girls do like to laugh…..shall we just invent a guy just in case the real one is an ultimate let down?

        • A robin Williams type could also be a George Costanza type. Short, hairy. Funny ish.

          Hahah. I’m sure I’m wrong. Plus, word on the street is last night was chock full of crazy. I dont see robin Williams in that roll lol.
          Can’t wait to read both of your thoughts from the night!!!

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