Eyes Wide Open

My mouth is swollen, bruised and sore from fierce, rough kisses, and my body, though exhausted, is content and sated. I still reek of sex. But I’ll get back to all that.

Friday afternoon I pulled into the parking lot of Hyacinth’s complex to see her bouncing and waving from the upper stairs. Her green wrap dress flitted in the slightly cool breeze while an ear-to-ear grin graced her face.

“You’re real!” she shouted down, “You’re really real!”

I fumbled with my luggage awkwardly in my rush to hug this amazing woman. Yes. There were girlie squeals and screams and plenty of “oh my goshes”, but we eventually made it up the very long flight of stairs to her apartment. Her home was warm and welcoming—a mix of old fashioned and bohemian influences. She poured us chilled white wine in green stemmed glasses and gave me the tour. We strolled out on her balcony, taking in the refreshing, cloudy weather. Downstairs Neighbor waved hello from his balcony one story below and was promptly invited up for introductions by Hyacinth.

I had always assumed Downstairs Neighbor (DN) was a fifty-something, balding, beer-bellied man who went around in ratty t-shirts. Now, I’m not sure why I thought this… but that mental picture was quickly eradicated and replaced with the handsome, tall, broad shouldered, jean-and-plaid-clad thirty-something reality who stood before me offering his hand in introduction. Hy was quick to point out similar interests she knew we shared and we chatted easily for several minutes. But pedicures beckoned so we bid DN farewell and headed out, a full day of girl time ahead of us.

Once toes had been prettied, she drove us to an eclectic little wine bar where we lounged under large twinkle light filled trees on a crushed granite patio and sipped white wine and nibbled on gourmet cheeses, crackers, humus and smoked salmon. Then it was back to Hy’s place for more relaxation, visiting and primping before going to dinner.

Now, I know Hyacinth has said she didn’t get approached when she went out, but I didn’t really believe her. We’ve seen her pictures. We know what an amazing woman she is. How could someone like that not get hit on? Well. Let. Me. Tell. You. I’ve never in my entire life been anywhere that people kept so stubbornly to their little clique. Where I’m from, people mingle. They say hi. They strike up conversations that may or may not turn into something… but not here. Not where Hy lives. I must confess, when we hadn’t been hit on (even somewhat hit on!) by 10:30 I was thoroughly disgusted with the men in her town. When I go out I expect at least a little bit of attention. Yeah. We got a great big fat nothing.

Being the smart women we are, we had taken a cab to dinner so neither of us had to worry about driving intoxicated and we planned to take one home. But when The Neighbor called to see where we were and offered to come pick us up, not only was I pleased and impressed with his chivalry, I was more than ready to head back to the sanctuary of Hy’s Haven. And that’s how my first moments of meeting The Neighbor took place in his shiny black car. What is he like? He’s well-spoken, polite, smart and witty. He’s cute rather than handsome, muscular but not built and wouldn’t stand out as particularly memorable in a crowded room.

We arrived back at the apartments after an uneventful ride and climbed the steps to their doors, easy conversation flowing. TN asked if Hy and I wanted him to bring over ingredients for cocktails, white wine, vodka or tequila.

“All of it!” we said simultaneously.

The boy grinned and would have put Flash Gordon to shame with how quickly he was in and out of his apartment and over to Hy’s. I’m thinking his hope of a double blowjob had something to do with his haste.

Now about that. I have never in any way participated in anything but one-on-one sex. So the thought of putting my mouth on a man’s cock at the same time as another woman was more than a little mind-boggling. But Hyacinth really liked the idea of making this little fantasy come true for TN, so I was keeping an open mind. And he knew this. However, thanks to Hy’s loving, open personality the sexual tension in the room wasn’t awkward at all. So the boy went to work mixing us drinks, the obvious goal being to get everyone drunk and relaxed.

The playing cards and poker chips came out and, as we each took turns winning and losing hands of Texas Hold Em and sipped more and more alcohol things got interesting. Somewhere along the way TN had to exchange his jeans and hoodie for more chips so he could stay in the game. So there he sat. On the floor. In his gray boxer briefs and I was doing everything I could to keep from looking at the large bulge straining at the fabric. But I couldn’t help but see the tell-tell drops of pre-cum that darkened his underwear.

“Marian’s got great tits, right TN?” teased Hy as she tugged on my shirt revealing my cleavage. He nodded in agreement. Hy gently ran her hands over my breasts, exploring the outside of my bra. She then pulled her shirt down and recreated for him the image she posted on her blog earlier. The boy looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head.

“May I touch?” he asked.

I looked at Hy and she grinned and nodded. So I nodded too. He reached out and put his square shaped hand on my breast, feeling the volume. He asked if he could touch our breasts at the same time and again, we agreed. There was something very heady about the whole situation. I won’t lie. It was fucking hot. But the kid opened his mouth.

“Gee, there’s a major difference between a DD cup and an E cup,” he said, still squeezing.

I flared.

“Whoa,” I said sternly, pulling away from his hand, “You don’t get to compare us. You get on the floor and give me ten pushups for that. Right. Now. Good ones.”

He looked at me wide-eyed. I pointed. He did pushups. His penance done I relaxed again as he cosseted Hy with attention and affection.

A little later Hy casually said, “Marian can orgasm just from getting her tits played with.”

“Can I try?” the boy asked.

I hadn’t forgotten his unthinking comparison, nor Hy telling me it was the aftermath of him rehashing the adventure that she feared. But damn, my boobs were aching to be touched.

“If I let you,” I said sternly, “You aren’t ever allowed to talk about this with Hy. Ever.”

Disappointment washed over his round face.



I felt an intoxicating sense of power over this unthinking boy who has hurt my friend so many times. Yes. I would let him touch me. But to never be able to talk about it. For it to be as if it didn’t happen. That would be his torture.

Our terms settled he scooted closer and ran his hands expertly over my breasts and, as I’m wont to do, in a few moments I was having a nice little orgasm. I guess because it was a trick he hadn’t seen before he looked over at my dear friend and opened his stupid-ass mouth and said, “Now, why can’t you do that Hy?”

Her face, all grins and giggles moments before fell, shattered. I was livid. She got up from her cross-legged position of observance on the floor and went to kitchen. I turned on the stupid man-puppy with a vengeance, my eyes flashing with anger.

“You can’t say shit like that. It’s not right,” I growled at him. “A woman is either wired to do that or she isn’t. And you are asking her to do something that her body physically can’t do. And all she wants to do is please you and that was an asshole thing to say. Do you understand?”

Understanding washed over his face. Maybe for the first time ever, he got it.

“Oh,” he said quietly.

“Don’t you ever dare say something like that ever again,” I said, my voice lowering threateningly.  “Got it?”

He nodded obediently.

Hy returned just then and flopped back down on the floor, her big blue eyes flitting back and forth between the two of us, her chin slightly trembling. My heart ached for this beautiful woman and I realized I had unwittingly contributed to her hurt. I held my arms open to her and she flew into them like a homing pigeon. She curled up against me and nestled her head on my chest while I gently stroked her hair, kissed her forehead and murmured comforting there-there-nows. I don’t know what TN made of the scene because I refused to look his direction. There would be no connecting for us over Hy’s pain. I’m not sure how long I held and loved on my friend before the good side of TN came out. He’s used to being her protector, her comfort. And here I was protecting her from him. It was too much for the kid. He curled up behind her and wrapped tender arms around her, kissing her gently on the neck. As I stroked her soft tendrils he lifted her skirt and slid a finger inside her pussy, attempting to make her feel better in the only way he knows how.

And then, holy hell. I was treated to a show. A beautiful show. I looked on as he fucked her with his fingers with the skill that only comes with practice and experience of two people intimately familiar with each other. I almost came just from watching.

“Use your cock,” I growled at him.

He looked up at me and proudly pulled out the man meat I had read so much about. My eyebrows rose in appreciation and my channel ached to be filled as I watched him thread his length inside her. What she’s written… the writhing, the crying, the insanity… it’s all true. I saw it. I watched his round white ass pound her hard, fast and deep. And it was beautiful.

We moved to the bedroom and I curled up beside Hyacinth as this boy who’d made me so angry earlier brought her so much pleasure. They were on fire. I was on fire. Nothing like two very beautiful people fucking like animals in heat while you’re fully clothed in bed with them to turn a girl on. I thought I was going to explode. So when Hy told TN to take my nipple in his mouth while he was buried inside her, I was more than willing. As he nursed on my breast while she watched I felt her racking orgasm spill into the room. Shortly thereafter TN came with a roar and heavy shudders. I got up to let them have their moment and because I really couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted fucking so damn bad. And no way in hell was I going touch TN. I ducked into the bathroom to calm myself and when I stepped out a gift was standing in Hy’s living room. A man! A tall, lovely man! Downstairs Neighbor had returned and let himself in.

I flew at him like he was a long lost friend and wrapped my arms around him, embracing him in a full body hug.

“Hiiiiiiiii” I cooed.

“What the hell is going on?” he laughed in a big, full voice.

“They’re fucking,” I said simply.

“Yeah, I kinda figured that out,” he said. “But what are you doing?”

“Just being,” I said shrugging my shoulders.

I followed him out to the balcony and watched as he pulled out a cigarette. Before he could light it, I put my hand on my heart, looked at him with pleading eyes and begged, “Will you for the love of god please kiss me before I have a coronary?”

“Sure!” he said, setting aside the cancer stick.

And kiss me he did. His mouth crushed mine fiercely, madly, passionately. I wrapped my arms around his neck while his arms encircled my back, pulling me tight against his tall, firm body. I don’t know how long we kissed, how long I threw myself at him, before he pulled back and said, “Easy now tiger.”

The slight scold brought me back to myself and I stepped away, a little abashed. I looked down and realized I wearing only my low cut black slip and my skirt so I excused myself to find my shirt. When I returned, DN assured me I had been just fine without it, but if I was going to find some sense of control again I needed that thin layer of fabric.

I stepped back out on the balcony and over the next hour something unexpected happened. Over talk of our mutual interests, sharing our observations about Hy and TN and extremely sexy kissing sessions, Downstairs Neighbor and I bonded intellectually. He was smart, I realized. And his chain of thought was running along the same lines. We leaned in to kiss each other again and, when we separated, he smiled and said softly, “You’re a very intelligent woman.”

“Yes,” I said, my voice barely a whisper accepting his compliment, “I am. Thank you.”

He shook his head as if arguing with himself. I frowned slightly and asked, “What’s that about?”

He leaned forward, put his elbows on his knees, looked deeply into my eyes and said, “You go back home tomorrow. And I don’t do this. I don’t fuck around. You see, I get attached. And I like you.”

I smiled before gently kissing his lips and then said, “I understand.” As I pulled away I gave him what one of my friends calls my “look”. I’m not sure what it looks like exactly, but DN’s reaction was to breathe in a ragged breath and say, “You’re not just smart. You’re dangerous.”

“Sweetheart,” I said softly, my vowels extending, “I’m the devil.”

As I grinned wickedly at him, he threw back his head and laughed with an equally wicked demon roar.

“No, I’m the devil,” he said.

Hyacinth and TN wrestled inside as DN and I dared each other with our eyes. I broke the eye contact, looked down and then back up at him through my eyelashes.

“We don’t have to actually have sex you know,” I said sweetly.

“What do you consider sex?”


That’s when some sort of man telepathy happened between TN and DN. The Neighbor popped out on the porch with Hyacinth and announced that they were going next door for a while. No sooner than they were out the door, DN and I were stumbling over each other to get inside. Kissing, pressing, writhing, touching. My lust crested as we collapsed in a tangle on Hy’s couch. I knelt before DN, started to undo his belt buckle and I looked up at him for permission, my desire painted across my face. A ragged growl rasped from his throat as he said, “You are a creature to be feared and revered.”

His cock came out to play, as did my boobs and after just a few minutes we were scrambling to find Hy’s condom stash. After we finally found the magic golden wrappers we socked his erection up and wow. Just wow. The man proceeded to fill me, racking my body with hard, powerful thrusts over and over and over. I came almost instantly, my cries filling the room.

We moved from the living room to Hy’s bedroom and piled onto the bed I’d shared with Hy and TN earlier. Over the next two or maybe three hours he used his cock and his body to bring me to orgasm so many times I lost count. He ravaged me like a bull in rut, but was tender at the same time. And he had yet to come. Earlier in the evening he had told me he probably wouldn’t. But I wanted his release. Badly. I heard myself begging him to stop, crying out for water… After hydrating I lay in his arms, running my finger lightly up and down his chest while he gently stroked my back.

“How is it that you haven’t come?” I asked.

“Mental control,” his gravely voiced purred.

Then it hit me. He’d been holding back. He’d been keeping his release from me. I bounded out of the bed and smacked him on the ass. Hard.

“Mother fucker!” I yelled, “You’ve been holding out on me intentionally!”

He grinned in affirmation and laughed his devilish laugh.

“Oh no,” I said, “That’s not how this is going to go down. You’re going to come for me from your fucking spinal cord and you’re going to do it now. Get a condom on that thing.”

As soon as it was wrapped I was on him, riding him, cheering him, commanding him. I rocked my hips against him with a speed and force I didn’t know I was capable of, my breasts bouncing with the rhythm.

“Come. Come inside me. You are going to fucking come!” I panted.

I felt the change in him. He stopped holding back. He let me bring him to the brink and I watched as his green eyes sought mine. My hair spilled around our faces as I hovered just inches above him, my hips still grinding up and down. With our eyes locked he came with a roar and spasms as violent as a seizure. Then my devil man whimpered. He had come.

“Don’t move,” he whispered, “Please, just let me stay inside. It feels so good inside.”

“Yes, so good,” I breathed back. “No need for me to go anywhere.”

I don’t know how long we lay together like that. Me still impaled on his dick, tenderly curled up on his chest.

“I want to stay the night,” he said, “Because I want to fuck you in the morning.”

“Okay,” I agreed before nestling in his arms and falling asleep.

I woke blissfully happy several hours later, the morning light filtering though the frosted window. I opened my eyes to find DN already awake, watching me. I smiled at him sleepily and reached for his cock as I snuggled closer. It’s hard heat filled my hand and I reveled in the fill of his silky skin under my fingertips.

“I’m so glad you decided to have sex with me,” I purred.

“You want to know why I decided to?” he asked.

“Well, yes. Of course.”

“I didn’t decide to because you’re beautiful and not because you have an amazing rack either. And while they are tempting, it wasn’t your eyes that beg me to drown in them that swayed my decision. It wasn’t even that you suck cock like a nymph sent straight from the gates of Haydes to torture me… No. All that is just extra. It was your fucking sexy smartness that did me in.”

And THAT folks is the Downstairs Neighbor. Wow.

We grabbed another golden wrapper, started back up where we had left off the night before and had been at it for a while when Hy’s giggle interrupted. DN good-naturedly roared at her to get out, but I just laughed. Plans for breakfast were briefly discussed as she stood naked in the entrance to her bedroom, partially shielded by the door. When she left I rolled off of DN and delighted in the moment.

“It’s like a hippie commune around here! And I love it! It’s just so open and loving and beautiful!” I chuckled.

I’m still delighting in what happened. It’s so far beyond anything that’s ever happened in my life that now, back at home, far away from Hyacinth’s Haven it seems like a gorgeous dream. Thank you my dear, sweet friend for opening your life, heart and home to me. I love you. And you’ve got some damn fine neighbors.

97 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Open

  1. I laughed my ass off when Hy wrote that you had sex with DN. like you, I had the impression that he was fat and a dick, mostly cause she called him a fat oaf the night that he tackled TN. prior to that, I had assumed he was gay. Guess I was wrong on both counts, lol.

    He actually sounds cool and it made me wonder, how did Hy wind up with the boy instead of the man???? Of course, it’s lucky for you that it did t go that way lol. will you see DN again, or was it a one off?

    • Yeah I was SHOCKED that he was so great! Hy and I have different tastes in men, so that explains the “why”… and goodness I’m glad! As far as seeing him again goes, he said that the next time I come to see Hy he is all mine. : )

  2. …..reading….i meant reading…..i’m sure you knew that……

    i’m just gonna say what i said to hy: what a great story….i have no words that can compete with how you’re feeling; so i won’t bother :)

  3. What an amazing description of passion, friendship, and happy fucking. From Hy’s account, I think you did her some good, too. This is beyond good writing, Marian, you’ve captured a moment in all its insane perfection.

    • Thank you SOOO much Theo. I left most of the emotional stuff to her. She writes that so much better than me. Especially when it’s her going through such intense ones. Insane perfection is a good way to put it. Simply amazing. Never would I have thought that I’d have such an experience.

  4. M- thank you for being true to our dear Hyacinth and proving to her that betrayal is not a guarantee.

    P.S. I am glad you had a rocking good fucking too!

  5. Ohhhh mmyyyy……… it will take me a while to catch my breath…

    Lost for words…. AMAZING!!! And most of all – freaking unbelievable?!

    On my way to Hy now ;)

  6. So so so hot! But a love story, so sweet. I love that you validated Hy’s love for TN. I knew he was just a lost simple little boy. Thank you for sharing.

  7. It is a real treat to get another in situ perspective. I acknowledge your expertise in analyzing the whole situation. Alas, I fear the man-puppy needs lots more obedience training, so there certainly is a warranted need for your return should we not be able to (finally) wean her off the (TN) smack.

    Your having such an enjoyable adventure is just wonderful icing on the cake. I had always suspected there was a lot more to DN than was being revealed. Everything he has done has always met with my favor. I also suspect he is secretly highly infatuated with or in love (and what right minded male wouldn’t be?) with our Girl, too … but I tend to read between the lines a lot, and perhaps not always correctly.


    • Mike, you and I have been seeing things the same way. I’ve always assumed that DN was a (possibly gay) overweight lover of wrestling who had serious feelings for Hy.

      The way Hy writes about him he has come off as somewhat of a low intellect buffoon. Marian’s take is entirely different.

      Reading Marian’s observations all I could think was, “What the hell is Hy doing with TN? With everything that DN said to Marian, I’ve come away with the impression that he’s practically a poet. TN throws nasty little quips out to Hy, which to me translates to him not being smooth or poetic at all.

      As written by Marian, I would have chosen DN any day of the week. TN is an underveloped baby who is never really going to give Hy what she wants, no matter how much room she gives him. DN on the other hand…. Well, he sounds wonderful

      One of TN’s marks against Hy is that she smokes. DN smokes, so there would have been no problem.

      DN is a staunch defender of Hy, and even though he got heavy handed, he tried to put TN in his place for fucking with her.

      Forget TN! I want to read about DN!!!!! He’s the MUCH more interesting person. There’s depth there.

      Marian, GET BACK THERE!!!! If you’re still looking at a guy who wants to nail you on a blow up mattress in the back of his truck, you’re not thinking clearly!!

      • Ella … while our Girl is still hooked on the smack, there can be no proper evaluation of the relevant alternatives. However, since DN is almost always an afterthought, it is highly unlikely hat the chemistry will ever bubble. With Noodle, however, there may well be some test tube bubbling.


        • We agree again Mike. I didn’t mean that Hy should (finally) move on from TN with DN. It’s too late for that now, you’re right. What I meant was, how the hell did she not prefer him in the first place?

          Hy’s loss is Marian’s gain it seems, and things happen as they are meant to. The posts of both Hy and Noodle were lovely and it sounded like fun, but I have to admit that both versions had me pissed off at TN. He comes off like Baby Huey in Marian’s description. He’s a little old to be a man-puppy, so oblivious to the feelings of those around him. The fact that he doesn’t SEE Hy and what he’s doing to her is a goddamn crime. She under reports some of the shit that he says to her in an attempt to see the bright side and not harp on the negative.

          While most of her posts say that she’s coming to an end with him and is getting sick of it, posts like this lead me to think that isn’t so much the case.

          We’ll need to get our DN fix from Marian…. who should be getting right back over there ASAP!!!!

    • The description that comes to mind that best descibes the difference that I now see between TN and DN is:

      DN is goddamn Shakespeare compared to TN’s Lil Jon.

      If I were looking for a serious commitment and all out love, it would be DN I’d go for. Plus, Marian basically told us he’s got a big wang.


      • Jesus. I see I’m going to have to post about DN and why he never ended up in my bed. Short version: we made out the night we met — he’s an incredible kisser — but back then I was resolute about not “shitting where I eat,” so we concentrated on a platonic friendship instead. He’s an incredible guy (with a shit ton of hangups and powerfully different philosophies from me) with whom I love to spend time, but there’s something a little off between us that precludes romantic involvement. He’s a terrific observer, but I doubt he could execute any better than TN if it came down to it. He’s a great big brother.

        • I’ve been mulling over how to respond to this. And then there kept being more to respond to, so I’d mull some more. In retrospect I feel I should have put in more of the sweet, tender interactions between Hy and TN. I didn’t because I thought that Hy had covered that in her awesome post… Anyway. Too late for that now. So I’ll say it here. TN cares deeply for Hy. He’s just immature. Before meeting him, I really thought he was just using her for sex. He isn’t. He uses sex to make her feel better, to comfort her, to express what I feel he simply has no clue how to say. He’s not a poet or a romantic, but a numbers guy. Should he be better at thinking before he upchucks some thoughtless statement? Yes. Give him some time. He’ll get there. Will he get there in time for he and Hy to make a serious go of things? I don’t know. If he does they would make a wonderfully dynamic couple. She’s his opposite number and he is hers.
          Now about DN. Yes. As Mike put it there’s some bubbles in the test tube bottle on my end for sure. How could there not be after a night like that? I do think he is drawn to Hy. That’s who she is… she’s a warm, welcoming beautiful flame who invites us in and surrounds us with her open, loving arms. I didn’t pick up on any feelings more than a brotherly-like affection… but I’m not the most impartial judge at this point. DN and I are not each other’s opposite number. At all. And that’s probably why we clicked so well and so quickly (not to mention all the sex in the air); we recognized things we like about ourselves in each other. So I think this is the longest comment I’ve EVER written. But I hope that helps clear things up a little.

          • Good response. I basically told Hy this morning, when she asked why my response between your two blogs was different, that the way you wrote about TN made him seem like an idiot.

            You didn’t say anything wrong or imply that he’s a fucktard- but his utter lack of cluelessness came through loud and clear. The “huh?” expressions you described on his face, paired with your having to tell him HOW to behave LIKE A MAN, were troubling. He’s 27, not 17.

            The comparisons of boob size and his questioning why she can’t orgasm from nipple stimulation are really just more drops in the bucket where he’s concerned. I can only speak for myself, but it isn’t encouraging that he constantly tells her what he thinks is lacking with her. Too old, smokes, has a kid, not his ideal. That’s really annoying. Does he imagine that he’s ideal??? Our girl deserves better. Where the hell are the compliments? They have sex, she showers him with compliments and praise. She says “if my pussy feels as good to you as your cock does to me….” and he says NOTHING. He tells her he wants to fuck other girls, wants a girlfriend, that she isn’t for him. It’s worrisome. I know that she hates that our opinions of him are low, but he earned it.

            I think, as part of IBF, that we were looking at your impartial view of TN and what his motivations toward Hy are as the bar, if that makes sense. Because you didn’t really mention that he was sweet to her, when I finished reading your version, I walked away thinking that Hy was fooling herself and only seeing what she wanted to see.

            The jury is out on this one, and it will continue to be. A good cock does not a man make.

  8. Come from his spinal cord. That line just cracked me up. I’m glad this went the way it did (as if it matters how I think things should go). My thought as I started reading was that I hoped all that satiety was caused by the downstairs neighbor. Nice.

  9. He actually said, “I didn’t decide to because you’re beautiful and not because you have an amazing rack either. And while they are tempting, it wasn’t your eyes that beg me to drown in them that swayed my decision. It wasn’t even that you suck cock like a nymph sent straight from the gates of Hades to torture me… No. All that is just extra. It was your fucking sexy smartness that did me in.”
    This seems like something that would take some rehearsal. Not that I’m doubting you, it just seems surreal somehow…
    That having been said, I’m glad you had a beautiful , eye-opening experience. You deserve all the happiness life has to offer.
    You also deserve to have someone in your life who will love you – mentally and physically – like that ALL THE TIME…

    • The Downstairs Neighbor… Hez verra verra goodz wiz ze wordz. Seriously. That was just one example. He actually made up a poem while we were in bed together. We made for a very good mental match. Each pushed the other. On one of his cheesier lines I actually laughed and said, “really? That one was lame. You can do much better. I’ll give you a moment to edit that and try again.” :)

  10. Partoom uppakunk shong caminotsta!!! Alk ourbam, huntst oophamadjonkilst farkrapptashart!
    That about sums up my reaction to the whole thing : )

  11. For being the devil you did a mighty fine job of being Hy’s Guardian Angel in putting TN in his place. Reading that segment raised goosebumps. I applaud you.

    I also think your opinion of yourself is far too centered on the Judeo-Christian construct. You strike me as more of one of the strong goddesses from pre-Christian pantheons. Freyja in particular comes to mind; intelligent, cunning, beautiful, and fierce. However, such correlations would likely prove cumbersome to explain to the average lay person. Oh, the conundrum.

    Regardless, I’m quite happy for you that your trip was such a rousing success in the best of unexpected ways.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

      • I don’t believe so. Google doesn’t list anything plant-related for Freyja on the first page of search results, at least.

        Freyja is the Norse Goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, war, death, and the Norse shamanistic form of sorcery Seiðr. Some scholars consider her to be the inspiration for the Valkyries. Definitely the kind of figure the Christian-Roman armies would want to displace and demonize.

        Stay SINful
        Mr. AP

    • Mr. AP,
      Wow. Thank you… Being compared to a goddess, especially one like this is a FANTASTIC way to start the week. : ) But you’re right. “Devil” is more widely understood. Funny thing though… I bet DN would know exactly who Freyja is.

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  14. This story blew me away. How I miss those days of crazy sex with people that I barely knew. Or knew so well that I wanted to know them more. That I wanted to know on a primal level, but nothing more than that. How I miss those days of walking into a room with someone new and seeing someone that I’d been with before and sharing a knowing smile. Because we knew each other intimately. Because we had fucked and shared everything. Not just our bodies. I so miss those days.

    • Agh! When you put it that way,I understand missing it!! How I used to love the chase, the back and forth on the journey to ecstasy. But oh, god, the fucking divine feeling that you get from being with someone knows your body as well as you do… that shit’s priceless.

      • Yes that’s very true. Knowing someone intimately inside and out is amazing too. But I tell you there is something so exciting about being with someone for the first time that you’ve known for awhile. That chemistry, the magic, the fitting together of the body so perfectly. That’s what I miss.

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