Inside Out

On the surface I’m refined, elegant even. Like a champion mare in a dressage event, I’m contained, exact in my movements, my decisions. I don’t chomp at the bit, but arch prettily against it, preforming complex maneuvers with practiced ease.

But underneath I’m untamable and high strung. Free of restraint I race like a filly across the moors of life, mane flowing in the wind, head held high, heart pounding. Passion and power surge through my veins as I prance on the edge of out-of-control.

The cool exterior belies the fire within. It’s my secret. One I reveal to only a select few. But for those who pause and look closely, deeply, intently, they will find behind my long lashed green eyes a wild, uninhibited tempest that has never been bridled.

37 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. More attractive than honey to a starving bear
    More dangerous than a candle to a moth
    More addictive than the purest drug
    And rarer than a black swan.
    Prance on, beautiful creature!

  2. Honey I get you. I know I’ve been married forever but I’m STILL that wild untamed girl. I may have become somewhat domesticated, but in my heart I am still 17 and crazy, wild. I’m still that girl that will drink a shot and talk dirty with the boys. The beauty of the man I married is that he embraces this wildness, this restlessness and passion in me and he lets me run. But he also gives me a soft place to land when it’s time to rest. I hope you find someone the embraces the wild thing you are, and makes you all the wilder. That is the ultimate relationship. The ultimate.

  3. You know, I wonder if most women are wild on the inside and refined on the outside. We’re taught to act in certain ways, right? But when it comes to the body, some may find it hard to let go and feel and only “act” upon how they feel – instinctually and intentionally for the pleasure of their body and anthers. (It’s early and sometimes logic reigns …if this is even logical) Have I had wine or am I not fully awake?!

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