I Give Comfort

Strange how things work out sometimes. It looks like I will have the opportunity to give love and comfort to one who has been at the peripheral of my life for many years now. My former boss, one I wrote about here and here just texted me tonight.

I called him after that last message. He was distraught, the pain in his voice
palatable. In a couple of weeks I expect to be soothing him with my presence and touch, which will be quite a change in our dynamic. The padawan attending to the Jedi. I adore how things come full circle.




34 thoughts on “I Give Comfort

  1. What a delightful tonic and comfort you are for past loves, those tired and dispirited by things that happened when you were already in their past.
    Oh to have such a past, to enjoy this future :-)

  2. I can sense his spirits improving already. The heady expectation is already driving his every thought. I know you are indeed good medicine for what ails him.


  3. Noodle…I’ll have to catch up on ur backstory…..but I adore you already from reading about your adventures with Hy. Silly question…how do you get pics like that of ur phone texts?

  4. I had no doubts on that Marian, you are one great soul and one special person to the ones who know you also to the ones who are yet to know you.

    God bless ya, you keep us all going – the male species.

    • Well… that’s sort of a long story. He ended up not coming to my town. But did ask me to move across the country to be with him. I chose not to do that. We still talk often, but more as friends… ok… who am I kidding. Not as friends. But as old lovers. : )

      • ;) you know, i love that. in my situation, which will have to come to an end given the distance (across the country), our everyday real lives etc. i recently told him that my hope is that we don’t really “end” but rather we fall into the cadence of an annual or bi-annual reunion for as long as we can. Until we are old friends, that used to be lovers, and when we speak it’s with the fondness and affection of such. Thank you, as always, for sharing.

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