Putting a Bow on Things

I like neat, clean endings. They don’t always have to be happy. In fact, the more heartbreaking the ending, the better I tend to write. With the Australian, who prompted the start of this blog, I knew the ending almost before it began due to him having a very pregnant girlfriend back home. With Lover, a man who fulfilled me physically but not mentally or emotionally, I ended things when the physical was no longer enough. With Mr. Intrigue, the one who helped me get over the Australian, things never progressed to us meeting in person, so even though we still talk and I adore him I don’t write about him because there’s really nothing to report. With my former boss, he unwittingly provided excellent blog content, both from my memory files and from more recent visits. With Jack, The Office Games can be concluded whenever I get around to it. But with Downstairs Neighbor, I’ve yet to be able to wrap things up one way or another. This frustrates me, both for you the readers’ sake and my own.

Hyacinth did do some recon work on my behalf last night. While she was lounging over her balcony and Downstairs Neighbor was reclining on his, they had a moment to chat. He mentioned that he had received his Thank You Note. She, being the good and wonderful friend she is, prompted him to say more, which led to him grinning and admitting that it made him feel very manly. He even quoted the lines where I told him he rocked my gypsy soul like way back in the days of old. Hy helped my case even more by saying that she wished she got thank you notes for that sort of thing. That’s when he revealed to her that I had written my phone number on the card.

“Reeeaaaallly?” Hy said, as if this was all new news to her, “Marian never gives our her number. And I mean NEVER.”

“Really?” questioned DN.

“Really,” she confirmed.

Now, at this point Hyacinth told me he leaned back in his chair and did a victory fist pump in the air. And then she asks him another question she already knows the answer to, “Have you texted her?”

No, he says. Hy asks why not. He essentially tells her it’s because he’s never done the casual thing before, that he knows I’m not moving and with the distance casual is all it would be.

“You still should text her,” Hy advised.

“You think so?” DN asked.



So I’m relieved. He liked the card. He’s pleased I gave up my number. BUT. HE. STILL. HASN’T. CALLED. So in order to put a neat little bow on all this and move on to writing about other things and to preserve my sanity, I’m giving him the rest of the night. Then, if I still have heard nothing, I will ask Hyacinth to let him know I’ve requested his number and ask DN if he is all right with her sharing it with me. Hopefully he will say yes, I’ll call, we’ll talk and I’ll have something to report one way or another.

Will some of you advise me against reaching out? Yes. I’m sure you will. And I see the wisdom in that. But considering how impatient I am, I’ve done pretty damn good waiting this long. I truly did not exaggerate on how fantastic that night was with DN. As some of my long time readers know because of some things I’ve written, I require lots of attention—of both the mental/emotional type and the physical type. Typically I’m getting one or the other, which works because as long as I’m getting one, it takes the edge off my neediness and I can function. Sometimes I get both at once, just from different sources. But if I go too long with out either… it’s not pretty. To put it nicely… I go hunting. With DN, I got both. At the same time. With the same person. And that’s why I can’t just leave it alone.

I feel like I should apologize to you all for getting you interested in a story line I don’t know the end to yet. It was an accident. But still… I’m sorry.

52 thoughts on “Putting a Bow on Things

  1. You’re silly! No apologies lady. This is a good thing. When you find something like that…. You DO it. Pun intended. Who knows? Maybe someday there won’t be as much distance.

  2. Aw Marian, you are living and its great to read! His reason was the reason I wouldn’t contact you if I were him. It’s actually a compliment in one way. He really liked you. hugs – call him

  3. I like that you seek clean endings. Me, too. It’s not just a defense mechanism to me. It’s just how you can put yourself forth in the next chapter.

  4. Fuck pride/standards/convention/principles/whatever. if you want to call him, call him. He’s being an ungrateful and impolite prick for not even acknowledging your card but i still say call. You owe it to yourself to give him one more chance

  5. Ah hell why sorry, may be he just a need a pampering nick. He possibly is looking to know what it all means but I think there is nothing in there for him to understand go take your game :)

    • I don’t think I’ll volunteer to be ‘pampering Nick’ here, thank you!
      ‘Looking to know what it all means…’? Is he expecting a blinding light and ethereal voices? A little Book Of Guidance to drop through his letter box?
      Hell, this guy spent the night with one of the sexiest women on WordPress and left her with a big grin. She even sent him her number. Do you, dear reader, have her number?? What the hell is the matter with him?
      But, hope springs eternal. So, I will go along with Reclining Gentleman on this. Even if he does not deserve.

  6. Please don’t apologize, lol. Patiently waiting on the next chapter with love and gratitude,
    P.S. you ok with it just being casual, can it meet your needs?

  7. I wasn’t going to advise you against it. I was also going to say I understand your neediness, battle it regularly. Things being unresolved also unsettles me.

  8. A wonderfully expressive post to sum up … nothing. To us males, DN’s inactions are just inconceivable. Even we can’t figure us out! I suspect he’s truly overwhelmed … probably still in shock from that Friday. To think you would actually follow up with him has probably shaken him even more. He’s afraid to blow it, and is frozen in inaction. Your call just might get him moving … but be slow, be gentle, coo him to death. He’s afraid … and I don’t blame him a bit.

  9. It may be hard to accept, but life doesn’t follow a storyline! Events unfold as they must, with the Puppet Master remaining forever hidden and ever-mysterious…
    You’ll probably never get the closure you seek, but that’s all right; the overall story arc isn’t supposed to end, right?

  10. I’m so glad he at least acknowledged the fact that he got the card to Hy, so then at least you can rest easy on that. And a fist pump into the air. Love it. I can not wait to see what happens with this. And I say call him, what do you really have to loose? ♥

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