Reaching for the Words

Through the fog they come drifting in and out. I strain, stretching my fingertips towards them, aching to capture the will-o’-the-wisps before they slip into the night. But they dance just out of reach, leading me over the tangled roots and mossy undergrowth of my mind. I follow, brushing away the branches of distraction, determined to capture them. I’m so close. They pause in a misty clearing, as if waiting for me, finally ready to accept my claim upon them. At last! The words flow and sentences form. I push up my sleeves and rest my fingertips on the old metal keys, preparing to type the words I’ve struggled to find. But alas. There is no paper.

The idea for this started flowing when I saw this picture Kyzmit (I like to call her Kyzzie) posted yesterday. Anyone who enjoys getting ideas from good photography should pop by her blog often. 

20 thoughts on “Reaching for the Words

  1. Hi Noodle!
    I’m getting incredibly behind in my blog reading….I hope all is going well in spite of this lack of paper! Nice post. I love Kyzzie’s photo as well.


  2. especially liking that the “There is no paper”-punchline is followed by the clownishly dork-like/zippery/Cheshire Cat-like smiley face/appearance of that typewriter. very nice (and appropriately Halloween-approaching mood)

  3. I had a typewriter just like that for years, although I’m happy to say I’m not old enough to have ever used that particular model, although I will admit I am old enough to have used an actual typewriter. With my early writing though, I always, always stuck to pen and paper. Something about the textures and process spurred my imagination. I miss it now, with these keyboards and screens.

    • I still revert to pen and paper… I have some beautiful papers with flowers pressed into leaves. I scrawl across them with a fountain pen full of thoughts.

  4. lol, reminds me of a term paper I once wrote. I stayed up all night and about 1am I finished only to find I had no ink for my printer. Sadly, when I got to Wal-Mart at 2am and told the only stock person there that I need to get some ink, the first thing he said was “You got a term paper due in a few hours don’t you?” Total insult to injury.

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