Longtime Listeners, First Time Callers

Is it scary to leave your first comment ever? Well, yes. It was for me. I wasn’t sure what the “rules” were. I was afraid I was breaking into a private conversation. Everyone seemed to know everyone else… so who was I to jump in with my two cents? I wasn’t sure I should make the leap from lurking reader to commenter. But I did. And goodness I’m glad. That first comment paved the way to interactions with some of the smartest, wicked-sexy people on the planet.

So I’m putting the ball in your court. I have more hits on my posts than can be accounted for by the regular commenters. So I’m thinking… I’m hoping there are regular readers out there I’ve never heard from and I’d love to invite you to join the conversation. Not sure how to do it? I’ll show you.

So what to say? Well I have questions for you! What are some of your favorite posts? What would you like to read more about? What are your questions for me? Just click that demystified little comment box below and let me know. Please… : )

88 thoughts on “Longtime Listeners, First Time Callers

  1. I feel like I just got a spanking! =P
    I understand where you’re coming from. I love discourse! And there are so many great people here. :]

    Hope all is well with you.


    • Oh goodness no! I certainly wasn’t scolding! And I’ve certainly been remiss in my commenting because of my schedule lately. This post was meant for those who’ve never EVER commented. I want to pop their cherries!
      ; )

    • I too feel like I just got a spanking, and I agree more, not the bad kind. I just know when I read your posts, there is bound to be a plethora of comments. Therefore I only comment when I feel I just HAVE to say something.

      You make a great point though, I always enjoy the banter, and feedback on my posts, I should willingly reciprocate. I will make sure to do so more often. After all, I do owe you. BIG time :)

      • Awww! I’m so proud of your blogging!!! I really meant this post to just demystify the comment process, but it seems to be inspiring several of us (me included!) to get back in the conversation. I think I’m going to make it a goal to give feedback on at least five posts a day. That seems doable. :)

  2. Cracked me up to see the “how to post a comment” photo. One post I liked (and I don’t remember the title) was about the old man who had a flashback to his trip across country with a beautiful woman when he was 17, I think. There are others…

  3. Ohhh a dummies guide to commenting. Me like :) Do I comment everything, hell no but I try if I really really like something or if someone has just started up their blog. I know how happy I was when I got my first comments, like a validation that the people in the stats where actually real :D

  4. I do like to post a comment, but mostly only when it hits a chord with me personally or asks for a comment, but I am often here reading and I usually hit the like button if I did :-) x

  5. I don’t comment very often but in your case, if you don’t mind me saying, your writing here always leaves me wanting a little more, and it’s always a pleasure to read your work. Cheers!

  6. I am a long time reader, first time commenter. I love all your stories, especially about the Australlian. I can’t wait to read what happens. I also loved reading about when you visited Hy. Did you ever hear from Downstairs Neighbor? Your recent story about April and Damon was hot, too! I love it all!

    • Oh thank you soooo much for commenting!!! You have no idea how cool this is for me! The Australian story is near and dear to my heart so I’m glad you are enjoying it. Downstairs neighbor and I have texted back and forth a few times, but the distance seems to have shut him down. The magic just wasn’t there. :) I hope that now that your commenting cherry has been popped you’ll chime in whenever you like. :)

  7. But only because you asked.

    Reading, constantly. “Liking,” often. Commenting, not too sure if I ever have.

    Well, until today that is. And much like yourself, I usually fear as if I’m intruding or – worse yet – I will be “the one comment,” the one that out of all the others sits alone in a responseless state =]

    Oh, that, and I have great difficulty in ending any comment without a “=]”

  8. I have left a few comments here and there, but I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you I enjoy all your posts, so much. Much like people must feel when they meet you, I think “there is just something special about you.” You rock!

  9. You do meet fantastic people in the comment string, don’t you? I think commenters NEVER feel like intruders; you always want to hear fromsomeone new. And if you did turn out to be the ONE commenter, you’d be that much more welcome. So, Hey, Marian.

  10. I know I’m not supposed to comment, so I’ll just leave a quickie … which reminds me … I enjoy reading about the noodle-induced quickies … a fun, fan favorite


  11. But sometimes it is difficult to post something worthy of your writing. Other times, as you say there are so many who seem to know each other, well it is like breaking in on a private conversation and you just feel somewhat intrusive. So you read and love and scurry away before you are caught.

    Love the picture and the spanking.

    • Oh don’t scurry! Pull up a rocking chair and stay a while. :) You are actually a doll about leaving comments and I so appreciate that. And worthy, smirthy. Lol. That’s just nonsense. Hugs!!!

  12. well, as you know i’m extremely reticent about butting in on people’s blog conversations; i did it once and lost a kidney….true story

    not really; in fact i give tutorials, and at very good rates, please feel free to ask and at absolutely no obligation

  13. I don’t comment regularly, but I am always reading! Keep ’em coming.
    (Always was curious about what happened to the last meeting with your former boss and/or Jack from the office ;] )

    • Thanks for letting me know. My ExBoss hasn’t made it in town yet. He wants me to fly to see him, but I don’t have time right now. So that is on hold. As far as Jack of the office games goes, I’ve become a master postponer. He has mentioned doing drinks again several times and I say, “yes! I’d love to! Week after next?” And then when week after next rolls around I magically have a conflict. We are still good friends though. I’m just not feeling the sexy vibe anymore.

  14. Hey i like your writing but never leave a comment but i like this idea. I love your crazy unwind thoughts .
    Thanks for inspiration. :) Love , Hugs <3

  15. I remember the first time I broke my “comment cherry” I was so scared……But now so happy to be a part of the conversation!!

  16. Reblogged this on Normal Deviations and commented:
    I’ve been meaning to reblog this for a while… and I’ve been trying to think of something to add when reblogging it. But, Marian says it all. Marian fucking rocks. (Just in case you didn’t notice.)

    So… long-time lurkers, feel free to jump in and comment here at Normal Deviations. Feedback is encouraged, loved, and definitely appreciated. Doesn’t matter if you have something profound to say, or a question, or just “me too!” – or even to tell me I’m full of shit. It’s all feedback and it’s all good.

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