Sex Tonight

I have every intention of having sex tonight. Unless I chicken out. You see… my good friend is back in town. And we’ve been growing closer. And closer. I haven’t written about because I don’t know where things are going. So do I risk the friendship by adding the physical? Again. I don’t have the answer. Maybe I’ll find it tonight.

39 thoughts on “Sex Tonight

  1. JUST GO WITH THE FLOW .. dont even think what am i gonna do.. just do what comes natural, and if it happens… beleive it was supposed to =) and if it doesnt.. its kewl and all good… its a win win.. so just relax ur pretty head… =) and have a blast just letting tonight go… just let it go!!! =))) enjoy ur evening lovely =) xo D.

  2. I have only one piece of advice, Marian. Build a pyramid that people will ponder over the centuries, dear daughter of Pharoah, not one that will be buried by the next sandstorm… :)

  3. Such a lucky friend, to be allowed to visit. Again.
    He knows where he would like this to go, as do you. Don’t over-think it. Just relax and enjoy.
    You are consenting adults who have previously consented. Unless you have given or received written notice to the contrary, previous agreements apply.

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