Best Laid Plans

My very good longtime friend rolled in my driveway, stepped out of his car and wheeled his well-worn luggage into my home yesterday evening. His business has been taking him though my part of the country more often and I’ve become a sort of halfway house for him. I don’t mind in the least… In fact, I’ve come to enjoy our fireside chats, his perspective on life and calming presence. I’ve only written about him once on this blog and even then, his appearance in the tail end of this post was slight. Why? Because the closer we get the less I want to take a chance on jinxing it by putting my thoughts and feelings into words.

So what happened? Well, I’m getting to it. My very full Friday left me no time to think about prepping something for us to cook together, which we often enjoy doing, so we opted for the speed and convenience of southern drive thru chicken. Now because I only indulge in this cholesterol-boosting treat on rare occasions, I forgot that it is also packed with sodium. About an hour after we had eaten I was craving water like a desert stranded plane crash victim. Thankfully my fridge dispenses as much of the chilled, filtered goodness as I want. So I quenched my thirst greedily—to the tune of almost two liters of water!

With my stomach distended and sloshing there was no way I was following through with my original plan. If and when we do have sex it will be making love, not fucking. And that sort of thing is best attempted when one is feeling one’s best. At least I think so.

He’s still here, out on my back porch grilling burgers for us, but has been complaining of flu-like symptoms. So I think our night will play out like the dozens of others we’ve spent together: comfortable, homey, loving and chaste. Does it surprise you dear reader that I can hold back the raging sex drive I so often write about? It certainly does me, but when navigating the tricky waters between friend and lover I’m choosing caution over quick satisfaction.

57 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Sounds to me like a perfect excuse to get a nice bottle of red out to help the burgers.
    And maybe a Scotch later to help the flu?
    We men all need to be looked after when we are 1% under par.

  2. One of the main pieces of knowledge I have gleaned from your writings is, despite being a woman who does her mind, and savors the present, said mind has given the potential action a lot of thought and analysis beforehand, and is well briefed on the consequences of said present. So does this post surprise? Perhaps … perhaps not. The time was just not right … and this time must be right, right?


  3. I never experienced that. Well the truth is I can’t even say I have many friends, and none of them is female anyway. I think that’s something impossible to men like me…

  4. From whatever I’ve read of you and the little interactions I’ve had, I know this that you’ll definitely wait for the right moment, especially when you know the fondness is growing and it can be long lasting. And you’ll know the right moment when you are in it so don’t over think much and just go with the flow! :-)

  5. Do you buy into superstitions like jinxes? To me, those things are excuses humans use to more convincingly say, “oh it wasn’t my fault. I was jinxed.” I think you’re way too smart for superstitions.

  6. I read a few of your comments, along with your gentle post. Shockingly men can also want more. Men can also want to savor moments and that lovely lavender shade between friendship and intimacy. I think perhaps that is where you are right now. Enjoy it.

      • In some Utopian world, my life would be filled with fucking and loving, and they’d be the same thing. In this one, I much prefer loving. But I don’t get either from any special somebody. Some day, some day…
        Sensitivity is nice. The line between the two is probably different for everyone, but, well, whatever. I know what I mean. Passion, desire, love, it should really all mix in one tasty soup. Eat well, Miss Green.

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  8. If it was me I’d be like ‘thank god he got the flu so he looks like the sexually reticent one’. Otherwise imagine if you ended up persuaded to have sex despite your better intentions, while suffering the waterbed version of a stomach! “Faster, harder…” sloshsloshslosh… lol

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