What I Want

On my way to the airport this morning while weaving through horrendous traffic my mind retreated to a quiet corner I don’t often let it go. While being cut off by a decrepit Dodge minivan I began to fantasize. About what you ask? About what I want. And this morning what I wanted was to be curled up in the crook of a man’s shoulder, my eyes closed, absentmindedly playing with his semi-hard cock with one hand, while he gently stroked my hair and read a book. I wanted that familiarity, the comfort of skin on skin that comes with trust and time.

As I lay here in my hotel and fight the chills and aches my out of town friend shared I wonder if that desire is just a passing notion–if I will still want that in the bright sunlight of my adventuring days. I don’t know. What I do know is right now, this second, I want fingers lightly tracing my naked spine, soothing me to health. But when you’re like me, what you want changes. And that’s the catch isn’t it.

46 thoughts on “What I Want

  1. I have to add – I don’t think I could be “absentmindedly” plating with a semi stiffy ; ) I just can’t imagine I would be thinking of anything else…

  2. Stability, comfort, familiarity. I understand the things you long for and how they change often. I could use a snuggle right about now personality.

  3. Wait, wait. You want a guy who can read a book, and stroke your hair when his cock is in your hand?
    That’s a special guy. And a damn good book.

  4. You can have all that, Marian — a guy who will fuck you senseless, and a guy who will curl up in front of a fire with you. I like to think they can even be the same guy if that’s what you want. The main question is whether that’s really what you want at this moment. None of my business, and I have no idea what the answer is, but I wonder if you need the freedom and adventure right now for its own sake?

    • I love your line, “I like to think they can even be the same guy if that’s what you want.” That made me smile. Not every woman is going to be as lucky as L and have a Theo to fly home to. But you bring up a good point. My ache for freedom would frustrate attempts at settling down. The timing just isn’t right yet.

  5. Ah, the comfort of the shoulder crook, the soft stroking.
    I hope his skills run to chicken soup and Tylenol (or paracetamol if on this side).
    Don’t fret, your fires will return when the fevers fade.
    And you will enjoy both, in their time.

  6. Well… I may have everything you want, and still feel something is missing… I probably have had too much of the romance side and need some hurting back…
    Change is part of the game… getting used to it is the way :-)
    Have a great Friday and week-end!

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