Like boxers in ring we circle.

We dance.

Neither willing to throw the first punch.

Our gloved hands stay raised defensively.

Our feet dance to the left while our bodies feign to the right.

We circle.

We dance.

The line is approached again and again.

Yet no toe crosses it.

The bell dings.

This round is over.

How long will we wait each other out?

26 thoughts on “Circling

  1. It’s a bit like “the phony war”. After war was declared in 1939, Germany and France kept a wary eye on each other for many months. But nothing happened. Until it did. And then all hell broke loose.


  2. just go up to him after the next round and say, look, we’re not even fighting, the referee didn’t even show up; the promoters’ve been fired and the tickets sales’ll go to charity…the only thing remotely apt is that we’re both wearing gloves…………and that should solve it i reckon

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