Nighttime Visitor

The slight creak of my door opening stirred me from sleep. Through half closed eyes I saw a familiar shadowy form bathed in the flickering light of a candle I’d forgotten to extinguish. Slowly he approached my bed. I didn’t move.

I lay there on my back, naked but for panties, the sheet pulled up to my waist, one arm tossed above my head, my breasts completely exposed with nipples hardened by the chilly night air. I felt him looking down at me, but I remained motionless, afraid to let him know I was aware of his presence. I heard him turn and retrace his steps. His hand was on the doorknob when I found my voice.

“Nathan,” I whispered to my out of town friend, “Don’t go.”

He returned to my side. The only thing that had changed about my position was my eyes, which were now open and staring into his. He bent and found my lips with his own. Gently, tenderly he kissed me, his soft beard tickling my face. Our mouths opened and our tongues tentatively touched, tasting, exploring. He broke the kiss and pulled away, his eyes raking over my body.

“If I go any further you know I won’t be able to stop,” he said hoarsely.

“I don’t want you to stop.”

He stripped off his black knit shirt, unfastened his jeans and let them fall to the floor. He stepped out of them and stood there in only his boxers. I slid toward the center of the bed and lifted the sheet in invitation.

And then he was beside me, the heat of his body pressing against me, his arms pulling me close. His mouth found my right breast and he took the nipple in his mouth, flicking the sharp tip with his warm, wet tongue. I arched and moaned at the sensation.

I tugged at his boxers and he hooked a finger in the waistband and slid them off in one smooth motion. I repeated the action with my panties. With no preamble he was on top of me, kissing me again, his cock poised for entry. I spread my legs.

Gently he thrust and was in, my ready wetness accepting him hungrily. Flesh on flesh we coupled, only breaking eye contact to kiss. I felt the orgasm building and lifted my hips to meet each thrust, our tempo slowing increasing until at last I felt the wave crest. I pulled him to me and, with his naked body against mine and my legs wrapped around his waist, I came. Just as I finished I felt his cock pulsing wildly inside me and he started to pull out.

“No,” I whispered, clutching him with my arms and legs, “come inside me.”

He let a low moan escape, thrust to the hilt, exploded in my core and collapsed on top of me. We drifted to sleep sharing a pillow.

He’s in the shower now and will leave soon. Although there has been lots of affection this morning, we’ve yet to talk about last night. And maybe we won’t. I do know I’m more at peace right now than I have been in a very long time.

34 thoughts on “Nighttime Visitor

  1. The handle creaked as he twisted and the hot water from the shower pouring from over head roused him from his sleep. Eyes half-closed, he worked the soap to a creamy lather and began to touch himself until he was hard, and he slid his hand up and down his cock until he came after five minutes or so. Would have gone for longer, but he didn’t want to explain a half-hour shower to anyone. Watched his seed wash down the drain, rubbed his foot on the bottom of the stall so no telltale streaks stuck to the bottom.

    Your morning sounds a lot better than mine. I really thought I was going to sleep with someone before 2013, but it’s not looking good. All of 2012 without! Aghhh!


    Happy holidays Marian,
    I hope Santa brings you a gift of inspiration : )

  2. “i won’t” – “i don’t” – and “no” – the only spoken words are 3 negative sentences that u needed to make a “yes” and a final invitation – the substantial “cum inside me” that had hovered over u all the time and melted all the no’s in bliss. nice

  3. Yes, the Phoney War is over. And none too soon, I’d venture. Was this a light skirmish? Or the beginning of blitzkrieg? I know you know best. You are an amazing woman and we all wish you some very good luck and some very happy adventures.


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