Hy Visits

She blew into my bustling southern town with windchiming laughter and honeysuckle smiles. Was it only a week ago that I rapped on the door to their hotel room, hearing laughter and faux arguments on the other side? It opened two inches. And then shut. And then opened two inches. And then shut. More giggles.

“Hy can’t work the door!” TN called from just over her shoulder.

“I’ve got it! I’ve got it!” she insisted.

And then it swung wide, revealing my beautiful arms-open-to-life friend and her source of pleasure and pain, highs and lows, fulfillment and heartbreak—and I honestly can’t help but like the guy—The Neighbor. Hy and I hugged tightly. Her full breasts, encased in a low V-neck red dress pressed hard against my black cashmere clad pair. And then, before I had time to react she pulled my sweater up and covered my breasts with hot, friendly kisses.

Just kidding. Hy didn’t pop my girl-on-girl cherry. But I thought some of you might enjoy the visual. Cue my deep devilish laughter. ; )

TN amazed me with his care and attention. Hy’s new take-charge attitude seems to be just what he needed. Rather than being flippant, his words and body language centered around her. She was his sun. He showered her with compliments, gentle touches, and meaningful looks. He preened under her praise of his dashingly handsome looks in the casually chic wardrobe she has selected for him. Their interactions back and forth were so much kinder and softer than the barbed banter I occasionally witnessed when I had visited Hy in September.

Over dinner and wine we plotted what would be waiting for them at the special event (I couldn’t bring my self to say the words “sex party” in public) they were attending later that evening. TN admitting to being “scared shitless” about the whole thing and Hy was reduced to giddy giggles. I watched them over the top of my stemware, anything but the casual observer.

In every way their actions point to them being a loving, trusting couple. Between and during courses they took turns teasing each other under the table—her hand stroking his cock, his finger teasing her slit—while I pretended not to notice. And they pretended not to notice me pretending not to notice.

Bites shared and wine finished, TN insisted that dinner was his treat and slipped the server his platinum colored card. Gone was the man-puppy this evening. Stepping forth was the man I think he can be and hope he eventually will become.

When we returned to their hotel I only stayed a few minutes. Not only did they have a “special event” to get to, but their closeness and private little world left me wanting. No… I don’t have my heart crushed on a regular basis and have to restart it and learn to breathe again. But I don’t have that intense passion and intimacy either. I bade them both goodbye with tight hugs and kisses on cheeks before slipping out the door and walking down the carpeted hallway with a strange loneliness weighing down my soul. The one who turned my world upside down blew in and out of my life in time that can be measured in hours, minutes, breaths. And in that moment I missed him terribly.

Hy and TN

Hy and TN canoodling at dinner. : )

28 thoughts on “Hy Visits

  1. I love this, sweet Noodle! You are too kind. I laughed out loud when you wrote the me kissing your titties bit. I thought, “Did I forget I did that?!” har har. hahaha

    And what? No tale of us humiliating TN in the condom store? That was a highlight of our time together! “TN,” we discussed loudly, “You need the giant condoms, right?? The MAGNUMS??” OMG, I was so tickled by that!

    It was wonderful to see you, honey. I can’t wait till we can get a real visit in again . xo Hy

  2. Haha, I wrote you and me about four posts after I first found you, and even a second time (that got blogged) before you actually met Hy in person. Hem Hem… not that I would ever in RL!

    You two are so cute!!

    ~~ <– closest thing I can think to what a wet spot might look like in comments.
    ~~~ <– closest thing to what most of your stuff does to me.

    ♥ for Hy

  3. You have me smiling like an idiot at this story…I love reading about TN from an outsider’s perspective…it makes Hy’s observations that much more real…Sort of wishing the girl on girl cherry thing was real…lol

    • I bet you have an incredible idiot smile. It’s definitely a privilege to be allowed behind the curtain and into the physical world of another blogger. Especially one we love as much as Hy. I’m glad you enjoyed! And yeah… I was being a wicked tease with the girl on girl thing… I’m much to chicken to try something like that. : )

  4. ” … before I had time to react she pulled my sweater up and covered my breasts with hot, friendly kisses. Just kidding. Hy didn’t pop my girl-on-girl cherry. But I thought some of you might enjoy the visual … ”

    You do know your readers … well, at least this reader. I think you enjoy toying with us :). Great that you 2 had a wonderful, albeit short, visit. I’m sure there will be more adventures to come. I’m gonna stay tuned.


  5. Aww, sweet post. I don’t know if you want them but I am sending hugs, lots of them. Longing for your One and seeing such passion between others is tough (even when you know of the pain in their own unique circumstances). Hugs for that!
    And you surprised me with that part about the boobie kisses, gave me a good smile.

    • Oh thank you so much. I felt silly really… feeling that pang of longing when I’d just had such a wonderful evening. It’s sometime strange when the pining hits me. Glad you smiled at my joke. ; )

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