You Know That Moment?

You know that moment? That instant when the light turns brown to gold and bronze, green to jade and peridot, shadow to whispers and dreams? That millisecond when time pauses and it is just you and a greatness beyond anything the tiny muscle between your two ears could have ever fathomed? That ephemeral stop between breath and exhale when the future explodes with colors yet unseen but transpires so swiftly that it’s a memory before it began? 

That’s what it was like when I met you.
8350914875_c557a2b273_cThis little musing was inspired by the photograph above which was taken by the talented Ray Chong. He doesn’t post often, but when he does his pictures speak to me. I thank him for granting me carte blanche to borrow his talent whenever the mood strikes. 

52 thoughts on “You Know That Moment?

  1. I like it, Marian. It is nice to see you write something like this eloquent piece. It makes me pause to ponder and does not require me to take a cold shower afterward. :-D

  2. “The elusive nature of love… it can be such a fleeting thing. You see it there and it’s just fluttering and it’s gone.” — Mick Jagger

    Ok…I must be off!

  3. So gorgeous, the photo and your words.

    When I was little I was once told that at the exact moment the sun sets there is a flash of green light that happens so fast that you never see it and just have to believe it happens. I never asked why or how they know its true. But I’m reminded of that when I read this. You just have to believe these beautiful moments exist, over and over, never to be recognized before they are gone.

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  5. Haha, I feel like the soil of last year buried under an autumnal cascade of red and gold comments before I can even add my little spark of colorful praise. Forgotten, but enriched, and ready for spring. I think you’re beautiful. :)

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