Stress and Sex

Today has been, perhaps, one of the most stressful days I’ve had in about six months. And there is a direct correlation between my stress levels and my sex cravings. I want nothing more than to be ravaged. I want rough, hard sex. I want to be battered by a hard fierce cock. I want bite marks on my breasts. I want a coupling that, were it to be viewed objectively, would look more like an attack than anything else.

I could text Lover. I could text him right this second. I could drive ten minutes and have the above thoughts turned into reality. And I might.

But I’m undecided. Things are flowing with Nathan, my out of town friend. We’re pairing like new cheese and old wine, each bringing out the best in the other. But he’s not here. And damn it. I’m on edge.

61 thoughts on “Stress and Sex

  1. Yeah, it’s a question of what you really want. I don’t know if this is relevant, but I found when I quit smoking that the craving only lasted about 20 minutes; if Icould think about something else for that long, I didn’t really need the cigarette after all. xxoo

      • you know, you just have to think of the consequences – if the worst is too much, (like him finding out through you and him being very hurt) AND you want to have a relationship, then you I don’t really know M, but I wish you all the inner confidence you need, chicky baby!

  2. Oh man, I want to say “Go be ravaged ASAP”, but from reading what you wrote in the past I can’t endorse that. You said he brings out the best in you, so it’s worth it.

  3. I can totally understand and relate to this!! Had the same kind of day and reached out to my ex for exactly the same reason!! Hope your day gets better!!

  4. Sounds like you will have that problem later again… If you can’t resist then you should question a possible monogamic relationship with your friend…

  5. I go through this a lot with NB living in another state! I have a local pet I can see, and with our relationship, seeing my pet is not a problem. But it’s more than the hot sex I crave, it’s the warm intimacy after, so I wait until we are together. I may not be the best company until then, (cranky) …but oh well. I see NB this weekend! He has a special trip planned for us in Chicago. Yep, he spoils me and that makes the waiting worth it all.

    Always weigh the consequences….. and what your heart can handle. Sounds like a great thing brewing with Nathan. ;)

    ~ Vista

  6. i got what you needed…finally….i got a hard, rough, emotional, painful, pleasurable, serious fuck….it had been so long coming, but we got there….and it may very well never happen again…was it nathan’s skin on your skin?

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