The breathy formation of words spoken so softly, so quietly that they could only be intended for one. For you. The hushed intimacies shared in the stillness linger like the afterglow of lightning bugs in the forest. Tell me I’m your everything, lay bare your heart. In return I’ll share a glimpse of my soul. And, if you listen closely, my whispers.


35 thoughts on “Whispers

  1. Oh my dear delicious Noodle. Like all good writing your words evoke forbidden thoughts, distant memories, longed for lusts. To be one of the fish and be permitted to listen closely as those full lips softly share.


  2. Nice. Short, but still powerful with evocative imagery in your words. I should try more often to write my own version of what you’ve done here, instead of writing the blog erotic story version of “War And Peace” almost every time out. Because that just wears me out along with my readers. Sometimes less is so much more, and you demonstrated it here.

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