Sometimes I’m cold

Sometimes I’m cold.

I shut down. I shut out. I simply don’t want anymore. My heart is no longer an ever-thirsty porous sponge desperate to soak up love, attention and affection.

It’s a strange sensation when the longing ceases, like that startled feeling of falling from a great height only to realize you’re safe in bed and haven’t moved an inch except for the frightened gasp no one heard.

When the empty, off-kilter existence that has been the norm suddenly is no longer, the calm stability is what seems off balance. I must learn how to live in this temporary skin of frost and frigidness.

Perhaps inside this protective shell I’m evolving, maturing, learning. The heat of Spring’s sunny rays will reveal the answer.


39 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m cold

  1. Yet it’s cyclical, as it is for us all. The mysterious thing, at least to me, is the confusion why the change happens – when there is no visible or readily apparent for the change, Either the change to self-focus or the change to needing from others.

    Neither good nor bad; it’s all part of what makes you… you.

  2. I swear, sometimes I think you’re talking about me. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone though I might exist in my own private, frozen wasteland – someone, somewhere is like me. Suffering or enjoying all the pleasures life has to offer… depending on the day, the hour, the minute. I am not alone in my isolation. I am with you. Thank you.

  3. From the comments above, I see I am not the only ones that identify with your frozen feelings. I have come to see it as one of two things. I am either in desperate need of a respite from the swings of emotion that populate my life, or I am suppressing something very strong inside me that I just don’t want to feel. Often it is grief or anger. Sometimes it is denial, denial of the end of something, or fear of the beginning of something.

    I feel a blog post coming on!

    Do you accept ((hugs))?

  4. I like the image of my sweet Noodle in a cocoon…you already are a beautiful butterfly of course but maybe this is a period where you evolve into an even more stunning creature than you already are. Life is so full of cycles. I guess we are supposed to just get the most out of each period.

    All my love,

  5. The sea may be cold, but it contains the hottest blood of all….
    I’m not sure why, but this line sprang to mind as I scanned your beautiful prose, dear lady.
    I hope the spring thaw brings you much happiness.

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