I wants a foot rub

I’m feeling all pouty and needy today. It’s been way too long since I had some pampering. I desperately want a foot rub… a gooood one. And a cock to suck on. That would be just about the epitome of wonderfullness. My feet getting all the aches massaged out while my mouth and tongue lapped away at a gloriously hard member. Mmmmm. I’m licking my lips and bunching my toes just THINKING about it. 

If only one had a concierge who specialized in such lurid requests. Because if one looks at the human body, in order for what I’m wanting to happen… I’ll need two men. One at my feet, and one at my head. I bet the one up top would swing for a little scalp rub, trailing his fingers through my hair, while I sucked, slurped and sipped at his hard, throbbing masterpiece.

Just an idea…

35 thoughts on “I wants a foot rub

  1. A really good concierge wouldn’t even have to be asked. They’d take one look at you going out for the day and the two fellas would be waiting for you when walk in home. As it should be!

  2. I hope you have a nice wine to go with all these other services, too.

    To refresh your mouth after a long, hard afternoon. Of pampering.

  3. And then they could switch places, so Gentleman #1 gets to rub the other foot, while Gentleman #2 gets to rub your scalp. It’s only fair ;)

  4. Mmm I love giving foot massages Miss Marian, and i love having my big hard cock sucked by a beautiful little girl! – mmm let me know your email if you want to see the man and member in question hehe – Sir is in a generous sharing mood hahaha … and fucking wishes he could taste your feet and other things!!

  5. Mmm Sir would love to give you a foot massage and have his big cock sucked. Mmm let me know your email if you wanna see a pic of Sir and that nice cock of his. Im feeling generous today little one. And fuck I wish i could taste those feert of yours and other things!! haha – over to you Marion ….

      • Mmm very generous as you will see little one! I hope your sucking skills are up to scratch, cause I assure you Sir’s are hahaha. Mmm thinks of the delights of you! Hope you enjoy the email and it makes you very wet and wanting hehehe!

  6. Well, hell, now I’m craving that, too…mostly the cock to suck…but I think you’re on to a new business idea…kinky concierge…they make sure ALL your needs are satisfied… ;)

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