I Never Stopped

You know I never stopped loving you. I just had all these great big dreams. Gigantic dreams. Dreams that could make some people’s heads explode. And I didn’t feel like I could reach for them if we were together. In my young eyes I saw you staying in that little one horse town forever.

So I suppose you’re right, that it’s neither here nor there. Decisions were made. Paths set. Lives begun. And here we are now. But god I want to be in your arms right now.

It’s nice to know you at least thought about it way back then. I figured I was the only one. 

Thought about it? Darling. I wanted it. I wanted us. Badly.
I had all these beautiful day dreams about us building a little house down there… growing a garden… white linen curtains on the windows, fluttering in an early spring breeze while we made afternoon love.
But I couldn’t tell you that.
Not then.
Not with all those other, bigger dreams pulling me away.

We would have never stopped.

38 thoughts on “I Never Stopped

        • Sometimes I want to damn the dreams. They can get me into trouble. And then other times they are what make life worth living. Hundreds of mine have been dashed against the rocky shore and shattered into tiny droplets of nevermore. But then another wave of them come along… and every now and then… things work out. I guess what I’m trying to say is… I know things can suck. But they never really stay the same…

          • Thank you! Somewhere along the way I thought I might as well give up dreaming as it hurts less…but without dreams what is there to look forward to? I know this…I do. Gah, your writing just turns me into a noodle (hehe)

  1. This sticks in my throat with a certain sad familiarity, like I can’t get the last, lingering taste from the back of my tongue. It’s funny how ambition, hope, dreams… they can all lean toward having a negative impact on our lives, in some tiny and large ways. This post is lovely, makes me feel very introspective. Hello, Love.


  2. My darling, I’m glad you’re back. I’ve missed you. We all want something more don’t we? Sometimes, we have to fight for it. Sometimes, it falls into our lap. Ah, the complexities of a simple thing, love.


  3. I just want to point out that for someone who’s come back from the virtual dead, you have such a strong, wonderful supportive group of readers I’ve never seen the likes of it! And it’s writing such as this that has them here. It’s as beautiful as you, honey. xx Hy

      • Awww, thank you but the pleasure is all mine… You write so beautifully.
        Once I get the courage and I spend more time here I’ll ask you for the PW to your posts. :-)
        Until then I am enjoying these posts.
        Happy Sunday

  4. Its funny how true love never fully disappears, it just changes from a resounding roar in our heart to a whisper in our dreams. Sometimes those dreams come true……for some.

  5. Feelings, Words, Emotions, Depths, Vicious, Endless, Lust, Love, Dreams … Life is just “ABstract” sometimes. We accept as we go .. We learn as we experience.. To the lady, I declare my return to the holy grail of confessions.

  6. When it’s over, life is only going to be a big dream anyway, right? So what’s the harm in dreaming now? It’s so hard to choose one over another, and I’m sure it was hard then, but everything, even this blog, was fulfilling something you dreamed. No regrets. Just more things to dream about.

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