The Catch

Part of me would love to make your every sexual fantasy come true.
Including being one of two women who pleasured you from head to toe.
And the other part of me never wants to share you.

I think the catch for me is that I want to feel like I’m enough.
That me is plenty.
That if I’m in the room you wouldn’t see or want anyone else anyway.

34 thoughts on “The Catch

  1. From experience I can tell you that you can give him that fantasy and share him with another girl and still feel like you are enough during and afterwards… You are enough, you are the main dish, this would be the dessert. :)
    It’s how you choose to look at things. Just because he desires others doesn’t mean you aren’t enough or that it diminishes you. In fact you are giving him a gift that few women can give the man they love.

    Most, if not all men, desire to be with others, Some women (like me) do so as well. Just because I enjoy being with others doesn’t mean that I don’t value what I have with C.J. less. He is my world, the only one that knows everything about me, the only one I can trust fully and the one that I love deeply like no other. There is so much more to intimacy than just sex.
    That being said if the thought doesn’t turn you on then don’t do it because it won’t be fun to watch him enjoy her or even for her to enjoy you and vice versa..
    For me it has always turned me on and when I saw him with another in real life it was exactly as I had expected it. Both of them were wonderful but then again I love being with girls so that makes it easier. :)

    wow I wrote a lot… sorry about that.

    • Don’t every say sorry for long, thoughtful comments like this. I love it!
      And as to what you said… I have friends with similar out looks to yours. The sharing turns them on too. And I think that’s awesome. But the way I’m wired… I’m just not attracted to women like that. So I might be open to a threesome… but the kind where there were two guys. : )
      And then that seems like SUCH a double standard. I perhaps I could do the sharing thing if I was the one “brought in”… But to be the one who shared… I’m afraid I’m just too selfish. : )

      • awww thank you for the affirmation. :)

        Double standard or not the man you are with should respect and honor your wishes. You know who you are, what you want and need, and that is great because most people don’t and they end up being hurt in the end.

        As for being the “guest star” in a threesome it is definitely different but still fun. :-)


  2. Hi Noodle!
    Strange how we all sort of coincide at times. I’ve been thinking along these lines recently as well.
    I agree with you…I need to be plenty. It doesn’t take much to make me feel like less than nothing. It’s probably a question of balance I suppose.

    Je t’embrasse,

      • Oh, yeah if that’s true, then why does my husband want to fuck someone else, anyone else, as soon as possible? I’m not saying instead of me, just in addition to me. I sometimes wonder…so many things, bleh…so second chances can happen huh?

        • I wish I had a real answer to your husband’s uncaring ways. I don’t. I can guess… too much porn, day-in-day-out has blinded him to the treasure he can hold every night if he chooses… But I don’t know. I do know you are welcome to borrow my words if it helps explain to him how you feel. I can only hope he hears with his heart. And honey, if he doesn’t… well THAT is another matter entirely.

          • Thank you. You know, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people in this blogging world, and each and every one of you has given me hope and strength. And shown me that I deserve happiness. Your words lift and carry me, touch me, and change me little by little. Thank you for caring, thank you so much!! :)

  3. If you aren’t enough for him, you will be for someone else. We want so badly to be everything that we often conform to what another wants us to be. If only for the sole purpose of not losing them. What we end up doing is losing ourselves. How fair is that? If your flame is the right one, you will not have to change. You will be enough. And so will he, for you. xoxoxoxox

  4. This comes and goes for me. Some days I feel strong enough to watch him with someone else, others I don’t. Good thing it’s all in my fat brain, eh? xx Hy

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