I Didn’t Know

I forget sometimes that you weren’t able to read my mind. So you probably never knew the depth of my feelings for you. And gosh darling, I was so damaged. So very damaged. And I wouldn’t let anyone see that.
I still don’t.

I knew. That’s why I never hated you for up and leaving. I was just hopeful you’d be loved and cherished. I still remember where I was and what the weather was like the moment you said ‘I do’ to him. Funny how those moments stick after all these years. 

But you weren’t at the wedding…

I know… I couldn’t. I just watched the clock, sitting on my dad’s porch, in those jeans you liked so much. Just waiting… 

Oh baby… I didn’t know.

30 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know

  1. Artfully, and tastefully vague.
    Some things are just better unsaid, and sometimes, the blanks tell us more than we know.
    That doesn’t make all the sense in the world, but somehow, I get the feeling you know what I mean :]

  2. I wonder how many times those words could be replayed with different peoples names across each… The hurt of wishing you’d said something overshadowed by the hope that at least one is happy…. You touched….

  3. There’s one I think of often. I wonder how he is. Does his heart still hurt for me? Does he ever shed a tear or two when he remembers our correspondence? Or is ‘she’ more than enough to blot the memory of me out? Is she ‘more’ than I could ever be?

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