Bootie Call or Cuddle Call

It had all the makings of a traditional bootie call: arrangements made via text messages, meeting way after normal ‘dating’ hours, tit ‘n cock pics exchanged to whet the appetite. So what happened? How did a planned savage dicking turn into a full blown cuddle fest? And why do I feel completely satisfied?

It’s been about six months since we’ve really spent time together. Until earlier this week, when we mated like animals with complete abandon, our grunts and moans a symphony of fornication. And decided round two was in order.

But tonight the closest we came to sex was me lazily (yes, lazily! my head was on a pillow!) lapping at his cock while he gently stroked my back. Neither one of us orgasmed. In fact most of the evening was spent with me curled up on his chest while he showed me videos he’d taken with his new GoPro. When he put the laptop away, there was no reaching for little golden wrappers, no fingers deep in my well, no mouth latched onto my nipples. He simply pulled me closer, kissed me on the forehead, and drew a pattern of circles on my shoulder with his fingers.

We stayed like that for an hour, dozing in each others arms. A glance at my phone’s clock pulled me from my reverie and I unentwined myself from him, slipping back into my clothes before whispering, “Sweet dreams,” and leaving. I could have stayed the night. But sleep comes to me better when I’m alone, in my own bed.

As I drove home in the dark, I shook my head, trying to make sense of it all. If ever a bootie call took an unexpected twist, this was it. And the most interesting thing to me is my level of satisfaction. I’m in a state of calm contentment… without an orgasm.

25 thoughts on “Bootie Call or Cuddle Call

  1. The whole post was just fabulous. I ate it up, nutrition for my soul. A bit like you “lapping at his cock”. Every word… brilliant, my dear. “A planned savage dicking…” mmm mmm mmm :-)

  2. Hmm interesting indeed Marion – the endorphins were clearly flowing from togetherness and intimacy, without rough sex or cumming. Sometimes I feel like doing this with my little girl rather than outmr usual very rough kinky sex, i dont know but i guess maybe after we have both had a hard tiring week or just need to cuddle and spoon together. I’m glad you enjoyed –
    … and hey do I get one if the tit pics when I finally get around to sending you my pics this weekend – promise? hahaha

  3. The T&C pics at the beginning really made me stop and think. Why isn’t it P&C pics? Who snaps their snatch and emails it to a prospective? Why don’t we read about that? Right? A friend of mine recently informed me it’s because they’re ugly. “I mean, there’s a reason they call it bumping uglies,” she said. But is that true? Tits may steal a conversation or two. That’s true. But isn’t that fascination ultimately about getting the Lincoln parked in the garage?

    One of the picture prompts I wrote to a while back was of the wake of a boat in the ocean that looked unmistakeably vaginal. It was beautiful! And it was obviously Nature mimicking our beauty the same way she does with the occasional cactus or toadstool. Is there anything more beautiful than an orchid? Maybe an orchid with a little dew on it. I’m ranting… sorry for the Annietorial. Don’t panic; I won’t be emailing anything unexpected. I might just watch in the mirror next time I’m ringing for the elevator though.

    This is maybe a parallel you weren’t expecting. At times I’ve come to your blog and found one of your magical metaphoric musings on nature, or a poetic period piece about an old neighborhood. Sure I was expecting sex, but what I got was a beautifully written moment that touched me in little circles on my shoulder and left me feeling very deeply satisfied.

    • I love the look and feel of my lady parts, but I also consider that to be my most private space… so I don’t photograph and share. Boobies and penises literally “stick out”… they are out there. So somehow it makes more sense to me to share them. lol And your metaphor warmed my heart. So much. Thank you!!! BIG hugs!!!! *bonus points for the alliteration. ; )

      • Just for you! :)

        Yeah, I don’t know where I was going with that. I feel very private about everything, although I do like the lights on. I think maybe her comment has just been bothering me.

  4. Who doesn’t love the thought of a Booty Call, but A Cuddle Fest can often be just as pleasurable!

  5. Confucius say you have finally experienced Yin and Yang. Every sugar is complemented with spice. Every naughty has it’s nice.

    Something’s telling me Confucius has tapped a lot of ass xD

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