Sex in the Ocean

Technically it was the Gulf of Mexico. And I was a teenager… with the lovely tight body that comes with youth, skin brown from a summer spent on a lake further north. My parents ran with a conservative crowd, and were close with several families. In the middle of a very hot August four sets of the parents, including mine, decided to split the cost of a large beach house and take a last minute vacation together. It was then that I got friendly with one of the sons of my parents’ friends, a boy who had been a mere acquaintance before. He was three and half years older, which seemed like eons back then.

But a day’s drive from home, white sandy beaches and a lack of clothing tend to make traditional barriers among teenage social sets dissolve like grains of sugar into iced tea. Stolen kisses led to the stealthy exploring of each other’s bodies when our parents weren’t looking. And when they were looking, we struggled to appear nothing more than casual friends.

One afternoon, under the guise of sand-dollar hunting, we swam further out into the gulf than usual. And then, without discussion, let the waves carry us further down from our stilted house on the beach. At last, a safe distance from our parents’ eyes, he pulled me close. My legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck. I could feel his erection pressing against the crotch of my swimming suit. I sank deeper in the water so my breasts were hidden under the foaming tide and he slowly ran one hand under the base of my bikini top, massaging my recently formed C-cup. I wanted him to touch my nipples terribly. I knew how good that felt. But instead of remaining content with teasing my rosy pink petals, his hand dipped low, low, lower and he began to gently stroke along the edge of my bikini bottoms.

I nodded my permission as he moved them aside and gently spread my young pussy lips. His fingers on me were sending jolts of desire all over my body. Then, he slipped his trunks down slightly and moved my suit completely aside. And in he went. It was delicious being out in the hot sun with people not too far away being so very naughty, and only the waves hiding our entwined bodies. So that people didn’t suspect, we refrained from kissing and instead just looked into each other’s eyes the entire time. He pulled out after several lovely strokes and came in the ocean. I didn’t come at all because that was before I understood that girls could too. So while it was wonderful, I was left desperately wanting. Looking back, I realize I basically spent an entire week edging. God, if only I had known then what I know now…


This memory made it to the page after reading Beatnik’s Sexual Bucket List. If you’re in the mood for some darn steamy writing by him hit up this link. And this one is my personal fav. 

49 thoughts on “Sex in the Ocean

  1. What a great time and yes what I would do if back then I knew what I know know… Mmmm it would be dangerously fun. :-)
    Thanks for sharing this.

      • I am glad you did. :-)
        I don’t have any experience in edging because when we aren’t together he doesn’t require that of me but if he did I know I would be totally frustrated… lol

        I know the reason why a Dom requires this from his sub I am just glad he doesn’t… It’s hard enough when we are together and he denies me the instant gratification I need as I squirm and beg… until he decides that I’ve had enough and he rewards me. :-)

        Anyway, I am going off in a tangent. I can’t wait to read more of your experiences. :-)

  2. What a cool post Marion. Gosh you write well in the first person. He was a lucky guy to have access to your body and mind that week! Wonder if he remembers it as fondly and vividly as you. It’s funny, I can remember every intimate moment of my life so vividly too – I seem to be wired to put those memories in a special place. I’m sure you understand what i mean, and luckily for us you seem to be wired that way too! Nods and smiles :)

  3. Oh I just LOVE this . . . very, very arousing and such a LOVELY way to start my Sunday morning!!
    I’ve never had the opportunity of doing this at the beach . . . but I’m now going to turn over and shake Hubby awake . . . and TRY to imagine!!!
    Xxx – K

      • I don’t think that level of understanding clicks in for most guys until much later…maybe some time after the first divorce?

  4. Ah, dumping unwanted fluids in the Gulf! And there was me thinking it was the Brits that invented that practice:-)

    If only we knew then…all our worlds would have been turned upside down and thoroughly shaken.

  5. Now every time I go to the Gulf I’m going to look out at the pairs of people, looking for couples who are studiously NOT touching each other but are close enough to be fucking… ;-)

  6. It was a very HOT story, and would have made MY panties wet, except I am not wearing any at the moment! Thanks for the steamy stories!

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