6 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. I disagree. Sometimes we have to stop. We rest. We reassess the situation maybe change our mind. We take a day off.

  2. Ha. No wonder you have insomnia, silly.

    An ex of whom I am very fond had a habit of extrapolating the tiniest of facts to astronomical heights in order to adapt them to her opinion. For instance, she would interpret my failure to stroke her hair as a sure sign that I was about to break up with her. We called this “spinning up” so you can imagine my chuckle at reading this piece.

    • Well considering that she is your ex now… I can only assume that she must have had some insight, because the hair stroking did stop, yes? (don’t answer that. I’m being obtuse) … I probably should sleep, huh? (don’t answer that either)

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