16 thoughts on “Tricky Hearts

  1. Sometimes I feel like what goes on in my heart has very little to do with reality. Like I’m holding onto a moment that was never there. Knowing that doesn’t help either. I just hang onto the bad ones and won’t let myself believe in the good ones. I like your outlook better.

  2. I always tend to ruin these “full” moments thinking about how empty I may be later…which is ridiculous because we cannot even be sure that we will have a “later.”

    Lovely post my friend. Hold this moment!


  3. Moments are special. Hold on to them for their own value without worrying how they will change. Some will change, some will always be there.
    Today is special. It is a New Moon. The start of a whole new cycle. Similar to the old one just gone but fresh and full of possibility. Just like life.

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