It Creeps

Through the darkness it slips in slowly, snaking its way through the night.

This thief enters unannounced and takes up residence like it owns the house.

While I should be resting, recovering, and in my dreams taking flight.

It creeps through the gossamer of my brain.

Insomnia is its name.

18 thoughts on “It Creeps

  1. The way I’ve described it in the past…

    “The subconscious battling elusive shadows that we don’t settle – in a satisfactory way – when truly awake…”

  2. I fight back with Benadryl and Law & Order when this happens. It’s a 50/50 success rate. Sometimes I’m up all night breathing clearly and learning about the NY justice system, others I’m out like a light. You should text me next time ;) xx Hy

  3. My worst enemy! I can be as strong as anyone else until I start waking up at 3AM. I crumble. Insomnia seems to be cyclic for me so I’m hoping for you that you slide into a more restful place in your life soon. Hang in there my friend…you are not alone.


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