I Believe in Love

I believe in love. I believe it flows all around us.

Joy. Hope. Happiness. They are its byproducts.

Love is not a thing to be captured, taken, stolen. It’s given. It can’t be still. Its outpouring from one person to another multiplies its power.

Love manifests itself in so many ways. I dare you to watch a sunrise and not feel love, even if you’re alone while you soak up its glorious rays. Don’t dwell in the dark place.

Choose to love who you can, when you can, as much as you can, however you can. Everyday.

Love is warmth and sunshine. Step into the light.

18 thoughts on “I Believe in Love

  1. I said just today to someone that we cannot search for love, but we can have it happen to us. Searching for it is just like trying to bottle a sunrise.

    PS: Sept is happening. I’m 90% sure!

  2. Love is probably the only thing that really matters. How lucky we are to breath and love and laugh and dance and write. To write run-on sentences lacking punctuation! ;)


  3. Funny thing, love. You never know when it will sneak up on you and snare you. The people involved may be the most unlikely actors in your play. But you will know it when it does. Your whole life will improve, you will grin or laugh at odd times for no obvious reason, you will care more than you knew you could or should.
    Yes. It is good. Get it while you can.

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