I Had a Dream Last Night

I opened my eyes this morning to see you lying beside me, your arm bent, propping up your head while you watched me sleep. My back arched, lifting my naked body off the white cotton sheets as I stretched that first luxurious stretch of the morning. You slowly pulled back the covers to expose all of me to your eyes and the cool morning air. As the breeze from the ceiling fan hit my bareness, my nipples hardened and you gave a soft, deep moan.

Young Dreams

People look. I’m a long haired blonde in a convertible with the top down. Of course they look. But the lingering stare I’ve enjoyed the most didn’t come from a tall dark and handsome, tie-me-up, tie-me-down drink of water.

I pulled into a restaurant parking lot as a mom and little girl were walking out hand-in-hand. She looked to be about nine years old. Her head turned as her big eyes followed me and my car as I parked. Short brown curls bounced as she tugged on her mother’s hand and said, “Momma, I want that!”

I smiled. I remember being about that age and seeing a young woman cruising down the interstate, top down, hair in the breeze, seemingly without a care in the world and the life she wanted firmly in hand. As I pressed my head against the glass of my mother’s minivan, I thought the exact same thing: I want that. 

I hope she hangs on to that dream. I did.