The Office Games: The Business Trip Part 2

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My legs brushed together under my knee-length, gray pencil skirt as I walked to the podium to begin my portion of the presentation, ignoring the wetness between them. I blocked Jack’s eager gaze from my peripheral vision and focused on the notes in front of me. Forty-five minutes later I was done. I walked back to my seat and spent the remainder of the meeting doodling discreetly on my yellow legal pad, careful to avoid any and all eye contact with Jack.

We left as a group to go to happy hour, a reward to everyone for surviving the numerous dissertations. My high heels crunched softly across the parking lot’s warm asphalt as I made my way to Jack’s truck. He was my ride after all. Jack jogged across from one of the executive’s cars to open the door for me. I heard a long sigh as he shut the door.

In minutes we were at the restaurant. He and I sat far away from each other. We didn’t want the addition of alcohol to relax our guard and give us away. Cool citrus mingled with tequila and a hint of salt passed my lips as I sipped on my margarita. With a sigh, I began to relax. The details are boring and unimportant, so I won’t waste words on the idle work chat that followed for the next couple of hours. But eventually everyone stood, stretched and exited en mass.

Our return to the hotel took only ten minutes and I was in a happily buzzed state (after three margaritas, anyone would be) when we entered the lobby. Jack and I meandered through the large hotel and into the bar where he ordered a couple of drinks to go. Once we got to the room we had no intention of leaving.

Once past the door numbered 914 and after drinks and belongings had been set aside, we stood facing each other inches apart. My arms went up and around Jack’s neck while his dipped low behind my back, his large hands cupping my ass. Our lips met, but unlike the frantic, urgent kiss I expected, the mingling was slow, unhurried and sensual. I opened my mouth and let my tongue slide hesitantly into his, tasting the inside of his lips. His mouth parted and our tongues met, dancing as our breath combined.

Our lips didn’t separate as I began unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it up and out of his trousers before pushing the starched fabric off his shoulders. Still kissing, he backed me towards the bed while I unfastened his belt for the second time that day. His hands roved my body and filled me with need. We broke apart, smiling. The wait had been so long.

With efficient movements I undressed and he followed suit, so that within moments we both were completely naked. Onto the bed we tumbled, legs and arms in a tangle of passion, hands touching everywhere. I wanted to touch all of him at once. His skin, warm and taunt over the muscles it covered, seemed to sing under my touch.

“I want you on top,” he said, rolling onto his back and pulling me toward his long body. His cock throbbed at attention.

“Not yet,” I whispered, wriggling down between his legs, so my nipples grazed his hair-covered thighs.

I took him into my mouth, feeling his already stiff member become even harder. This is what I wanted. I wanted him aching to be in me before I let it happen. My hands went up to his nipples, teasing them as I sucked. I drank in the sound of his moan. Swollen and wet with want, I felt my pussy throbbing.

I eased up his body, forcing myself to go slow, to savor the moment. Grasping his cock and pulling it away from his belly I pressed it between my hungry labia. Slick from my own juices, and so ready to be filled I rubbed against him, the flat of my hand keeping his rigid penis tight against me. And I came. Just a small one, but it was the beginning of the release.

While I was still pulsing from my first orgasm, I shifted and then positioned the head of his cock at my entrance and eased down on it. My walls clenched, claiming him. Jack’s hands rested on my hips and I fell forward, so my breasts hung in reach of his lips. Like one parched he sucked my nipples, sending darts of pleasure through my body that somehow converged at my greedy mound. On my hands and knees I hovered over him, pistoning rapidly up and down on his rod. Shameless in the hunt for my own pleasure, I felt another orgasm building. Rocking back on my heels, I pressed against Jack so that his cock repeatedly hit the back of my clitoris—that magic place known as the G-spot. One hand rapidly flicked my clit on the outside, and the other pinched a sensitive nipple. My pleasure receptors overloaded and I came with a cry, this time squirting on his cock.

I dismounted, stretched on my back and said smiling, “Jack darling, wow.”

But we were just getting started.

“You squirted!” he exclaimed.

I worried that he wouldn’t like it. Some men don’t.

“Yes,” I said blushing.

“I want to make you do that again! That was awesome!”

I grinned and opened my legs. He didn’t need another invitation. In his cock went, pleasuring me in a completely different way now that he was on top and controlling the pace. Stroke after stroke went deeper and deeper, bringing me closer and closer to the brink. I lifted my legs, giving his cock even greater purchase and his arms encircled me, pulling me tight against his body. I could hear myself panting right before I came, almost as if the body turning into a puddle on the bed belonged to someone else.

“God, I love fucking you,” Jack said as he continued to slide in and out of my body in a slow, steady rhythm.

The animal inside of me was clawing at the surface. Jack’s careful, sensual approach only served to feed the frenzy. Through half-closed eyes I watched him watch me, knowing my full breasts were swinging in time to his pace like a metronome. His kiss stirred me out of my almost hypnotic state.

“I need to touch you,” I said, motioning for him to pullout and lay down.

“Not on your back. Roll over.”

With him face down, I straddled his upper thighs and began massaging his neck, shoulders and back. My arm rolled up and down his spine, releasing tension. But the sight of him lying like that, it broke something loose deep inside of me. My baser nature took over and I did something I have never done before. With a growl I leaned over, pressing my breasts against his back, and ground my cunt hard against his ass. For that’s what it was at that point. No longer was my center of womanhood delicate folds of petal-like flesh. But instead a hungry, greedy, famished, animalistic cunt… hell bent on feeding.

My breath came in short, gasping pants as I pounded harder and harder against his firm ass. He moaned and lifted toward me. And I went crashing over the edge. I came with a stifled scream that wheezed past my teeth as I came and gushed over his tight, white buttocks.

“Oh my god. That was incredible,” he said, still face down. “You came on my ass. I felt you. Your liquid went in my asshole.”

I couldn’t speak yet. Jack rolled over and sat up. I was perched on my knees, hands resting on either side of me for balance.

“No woman has ever done that to me,” he marveled.

I found my words.

“I’ve never done that. Or anything close. Ever.”

We paused at point, taking a sip of our neglected drinks. As I gulped down the not-so-frosty-anymore beverage, I glanced at the clock. We had been naked and pleasuring each other for almost two hours. I didn’t know at the time that we hadn’t even reached our halfway point yet.

To be continued…

25 thoughts on “The Office Games: The Business Trip Part 2

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  2. Unless I’m reading this incorrectly, it seems both you and Jack have entered new territory. Like Caesar crossing the Rubicon, you have conquest in your sights. And there is no turning back! I, for one, intend to stay tuned.


  3. This is my first visit of the new year and I have to say… you’re better – and hotter – than ever, my friend!
    By the way, did you make it to my neck of the woods last month?

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