When Worlds Collide

Jack sat in the tapestry and leather covered arm chair across from my desk talking about upcoming weekend plans, his eyes saying much more than his words. He was comfortable, leaning back, the crotch of his worn denim jeans clearly visible. He had my full attention, which quite frankly is a rarity in the office due to the number of projects we handle. I was in the middle of a deep, throaty laugh in response to his long, drawn-out tale when who should come around the corner, none other than Nathan. 

My out-of-town-friend who is now much more than a friend had flown in late last night. He slept with me in my bed, his warm masculine scent enveloping me. And I’m used to him in that space. He belongs there.

I didn’t expect him at work. In that world.

Jack knows about Nathan and our blossoming foray into couple-dom, but Nathan is clueless about the extent of my relationship with Jack. In that moment I felt like two of my worlds had just collided.

24 thoughts on “When Worlds Collide

  1. Whoahhhh! You had my eyes bugging out too! Wow! How very gracious of Jack, a true gentleman…lucky girl you!
    (& yeah, tits are good too, very good!)

  2. I laughed at the title … an apt metaphor, I think. Several objects attracted by, and whirling around a heavenly object. Luckily the heavenly object is also a very good juggler.


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