Meeting a Reader

I’ve been toying with the idea of meeting a reader. A male reader. Like a cat with a mouse I bat the thought back and forth between the paws of my mind. Sometimes I let it scurry off, feigning a loss in interest. But then, before it’s too out of reach, I nab it by the tail and drag in back into my clutches.

It’s not the first time this fantasy has played in prismatic Technicolor across my internal silver screen. In the almost two years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve discovered that very real and intense relationships can develop with people across the country, heck… across oceans! And while getting together with someone in person because of the blog (the incomparable Hyacinth – eat your hearts out y’all) is something I’ve done, crossing over into meeting one of the opposite sex is a whole other barrel of proverbial monkeys.

In the past, when I thought I had a trip coming up to Beatnik’s neck of the woods, I imagined waiting in a coffee shop, sipping on a carefully crafted latte, reading a book and waiting for him to walk through the door. He would glance around, still not sure whom he was looking for as I hadn’t shared a picture of my face. And then, at last, eye contact. And just like that, the hazy digital interaction would cross over into reality. But the trip never happened. And nor did the meeting.

I’m not part of the online dating community. And I’ve never been on a blind date. So this is very new territory for me. But because of how I am, who I am, and what I write, sex is a part of the equation. A major part. And quite frankly, it’s thrilling.

Tickets haven’t been purchased yet, but dates are being considered. Yes, of course, I’ve left myself an out. It’s understood that if either one of us doesn’t feel completely comfortable then the meeting will take a platonic course. However, if both parties are comfortable… oh the tales I will have to tell you then.

meeting a reader


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52 thoughts on “Meeting a Reader

  1. The lyric way you write will surely create a legion of men who will want to be THE READER. Like the golden ticket in Willy Wonka, where does one help you make sure your fantasy becomes a reality?

    • I’m not sure exactly why I’m attracted to certain people. I think I sense a kindred spirit in them. And going from fantasy to reality… a lot of that depends on some very real scheduling. Dull, I know. But necessary.

  2. Hmmmm looking forward to hearing all about it, irrespective of the outcome…
    No doubt, you’re smart, savvy & safe…
    Good luck! ;)

  3. I met one in the flesh so to speak…
    life has many twists and turns….
    what a tale you will have to tell if you do….
    Take Care….You Matter…

  4. Oh the possibilities. I’ve met a few fellow bloggers of the male persuasion, and while mutual sexual attraction was present with at least one, I’m too cautious to let it progress to sex. Part of it is the fact that I don’t want to shatter the perfect tension. Another isn’t keen on hopping into bed with someone I know, but don’t.

    My response was way more in depth than necessary…

  5. You’re waaaaay friendlier than me. I’d love to meet many readers/bloggers, but only in platonic ways! I’m shy! Plus, I doubt TN would appreciate my hookups lol

    I hope it all works out! xx Hy

  6. You know (some of) my adventures along a similar path. I could ramble about both sides of that for an hour but what it boiled down to, for me, is well abbreviated in a quote by Tina Fey:

    “Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.”

    That being said, do what feels right for you – no matter what that is. :)

  7. How very exciting! I’m flattered that you should mention me and honored to be considered worthy of meeting. I’ve not met many bloggers, but I have found that my fear of them finding me dull has been out weighed by the freedom of being myself in person as I am with my writing. Something I don’t often have the luxury to do/be. Chances are they already “know” you if you’ve put yourself into your writing, and if that’s true, the flesh seems a far easier transition from that stage rather than strangers. I wish you the best of adventures and meetings, you deserve it ;)

  8. I’ve never met anyone from wordpress but I met a few readers/authors in earlier days. Three led to hot, sweaty sex. Two led to relationships. One made me move across the country. Some I am still in touch with, others I wish I could touch.

  9. From experience, I think you have an advantage from this being a blogger to blogger meeting, rather than a person you meet from a dating site.
    You already connect in an intellectual, philosophical, somewhat deeper level that’s almost separate from superficial ‘resumes’ and perhaps subjective common interests.

    Wherever you go, whoever is lucky enough to be graced with your visit…I hope you enjoy it :]

  10. Would love the opportunity to be a consideration in this possible new experience of yours.

    I do have the experience of on line dating and blind dates. Sure you exchange photos before hand but the rush you get as you’re about to meet is exhilarating. Knowing all the communication prior to meeting face to face could be dashed or it could intensify even more. And when that connection happens face to face first there is relief. Then excitement that
    there could be a true connection. Your mind races with ideas and possibilities as you carry on a normal conversation.

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