Tantric Massage

You can go lower, I thought, as the large, strong hands of my masseur ran over my collarbones toward my clavicle. But no, he pulled the slipping sheet up over my breasts, tucked them in nice and safe, and began focusing on my arms.

It was in that moment, when I realized I wanted more… that I began to fantasize. What if he pulled the sheet down instead of up? What if instead of stopping mid-thigh his hands went higher? What if…

Tantric massage

So later that evening, while lying in bed, I did some Google searching. Which can be dangerous. I tried several key words, all of which were giving me results for men. A rub and tug joint I did not seek. Turns out “erotic massage for women” is a good place to begin. Which led to the discovery of a thing called tantric massage. Next thing I know, I’m sending the following email:

Hi (Name Withheld),

My name is Marian Green and I found your website after having a standard massage earlier this week and finding that I wanted… more.

So the Googling began.

I’m not emailing to set up an appointment… Not sure if I’m that brave yet. But if I did, I would want to write about it.

I have a blog you see (who doesn’t these days). The website is creativenoodling.wordpress.com.

If you have time, and are interested, would you take a look at the site and let me know if I could as least ask you some interview type questions for a post. Using your name or a fake one is up to you.

I would also like to know if I did book a session, if you would be ok with me writing about it.

Thank you so much. And have a pleasant evening.


He emailed me back shortly:

Hi Marian,

You should brave up and come have a tantric massage as there’s nothing quite like it. It’s a great way to have your mind blown. It’s all about you and your pleasure and so much more: healing mind, body and spirit. Yes, you may write about your experience in your blog. I would be more than happy to talk to you about the in greater detail before and during your session. I am a Daka Tantrika (that means a Master of Tantra) and I’ve been doing this now for 26yrs. You will be in great hands. Call me tomorrow at ###-####.

I haven’t called. Yet. I’m half afraid he’ll talk me into booking a session. And half afraid he won’t.

Thoughts dear readers?

25 thoughts on “Tantric Massage

  1. You should not have told me about this because now I want to google it and find a place!! I had a massage on Wednesday and when his hands reached my waist to rub just below my underwear I wanted to ask him to go lower. Mercy.

  2. I had a very, very, similar experience with a female masseuse, as she massaged my thighs & buttocks I couldn’t help but internally plead,for her to slip her hands much further!!!! I was embarrassed & yet so turned on I almost couldn’t stop my self from internally combusting!

    YES, YES, YES, you should book an appointment! & I wanna hear all about it girl! ;)
    (please excuse me while I google ‘erotic massage for women’ in my area) :p

  3. Please, please, PLEASE call! At least call…if you get a weird vibe, don’t do anything more. If you get good vibes, consider your next steps.

    I think we all NEED you to learn more. :)

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