My Loves

To all whom I have loved through my life, to those who have come and gone, to those who still remain, to the many who have a space in my admittedly very large heart, I send out into the universe my happy Valentine’s Day love to you. I hope you are warm. And safe. I dream that you have someone dear by your side or at least in your thoughts. Ladies, I want your man to cherish you. And men, your woman to admire you. For both, more than anything, I wish you love. And joy. And even if just for a night, contentment.

Love Always,

16 thoughts on “My Loves

  1. You know what, you were the 3rd person to “say hello” to me here… I wish you the same plus some. I’m so glad you came back to keep writing. Your words are always clear, sexy and powerful. You’re the kind of woman that makes me want to be better. …and don’t tell me anything about that my friend – just take it. You’re lovely. XO, Jayne

  2. M-

    I hope Valentine’s Day this year has been memorable for you and you’re surrounded by those who love you. Besides those here that love you. I was talking to someone important to me this afternoon and you came up in conversation. I was explaining how you coming back to WordPress helped me see a lesson that I now value greatly. I appreciate that and you, and thank you for… simply being you. Happy February 14, 2014. :)

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