I Offered Him My Ass at Lunch

The innocent sprigs of white polka dots that dapple the blue fabric of my springtime fit-and-flair dress belie the risqué activity I just partook of during my not-long-enough lunch break.

A short drive from the office and I was crashing in the Woodsman’s arms. He smelled of man, soap and something peppery. His cologne perhaps?

“Mmmmm,” I sighed, “Having you minutes away is so much nicer than you being half a continent away.”

“Mmmmhmmm,” he murmured, his mouth moving from my lips to my cheek to my jaw to my throat to my clavicle to the swelling curve of my breast.

The polka dot dress was quickly cast aside and we piled into the waiting bed, not sure which was more appealing, a nap… or something more lurid.

Lurid won.

“How long do I have you?” he asked thirty pleasure-filled minutes later. I’m sure he felt as well as heard my disappointed moan from his perch on my thighs while his hands kneaded my lower back.

“I duuno,” I mumbled, “Not long enough.”

“You’ll be all mine tonight, when you’re done with work,” he comforted.

“I don’t wanna be responsible,” I whined.

The whine was cut short by a gasp. His hardened shaft had shifted from resting on top of my ass, to burrowing… Lube still coated it from earlier activities and it slid easily down, to the dark point of entry. I lifted my hips and pressed back against him, and felt it slip away.

“Ohhh…,” the disappointment rang through my voice, “Would you try again?”

“Of course, my love.”

And he did.

“Ouch! It slipped the wrong way that time,” I said, wriggling away the discomfort, “Try again?”

He obliged. I could feel him against me, not trying to seek entry, just waiting, letting me get accustomed to the sensation. I felt myself begin to relax, wanting to go further, wanting it. And then I looked at the clock.

“You have to go, don’t you,” he said. He had felt the change in me when I looked up.

“I do,” I admitted.

He dismounted, walked around the bed and kissed me gently. Seconds later I was back in my prim dress, and swishing out the door, knowing that tonight, I won’t have to return to the office.

22 thoughts on “I Offered Him My Ass at Lunch

  1. Reminds me of the first year or so when my wife and I finally moved in together after a year of long-distance travel on weekends. I spent a lot of lunches at home and just as many excuses for late returns to work. Couldn’t help but smile while reading this. Still am, actually…

  2. This is so romantic and erotic, Marian. I absolutely understand the pleasure you must be taking from your guy, from sharing with hundreds of people who are all, men and women, lusting for you and looking forward to the exploration of your darkest places. It’s a beautiful kind of group thing you’re conducting here. Dirty and sweet.

    • Oh sweet Theo. I haven’t heard from you in ages. It’s so special that you dropped in to say something. Thank you! The taking and giving of pleasure is… yeah. :) And share with the community, and him at the same time. It’s just magical. Let me know how you’re doing, ok? I’ve missed you.

  3. mmmmm, best of luck! you are in for quite a treat. just don’t give up after the first time if you find it uncomfortable or painful. It does get better and better and better… well you get the idea. :)

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