What Happened Last Night

I’m overwhelmed with work today but didn’t want to leave you all wondering how last night went so I asked the Woodsman to tell the tale…
I stilled my trembling hands, took a deep breath and said, “not tonight, love.”

Marian arched her back toward me, inviting… presenting.

“There is a human limit, even for me. Do you remember how many times I came?”

“A few?”

“A few. There were four yesterday and two tonight. It wasn’t holding back; each and every time I gave it everything I had. Remember what happened when I thought you were swearing at me?”

She didn’t say anything. Her mischievous, satisfied smile spoke volumes.

“Ok, fine. I’ll just say it: I’m utterly spent. You’ve done the nigh-impossible; I’m completely drained and I can barely move. Your ass stays pristine tonight, princess.”

I didn’t think the smile could get wider and more playful, yet it did as she nestled up against me…

In other words, the Woodsman ran out of wood.
Yes, I’m very pleased with my punny pun.

18 thoughts on “What Happened Last Night

  1. Well I’m thoroughly confused…is the phrase, ‘you go girl’ even apt here? Is the Woodsman a metaphor? Was he actually spent? Will this teach me for not reading everything else that’s relevant first? I ask these questions because I get the sense somehow that you’re overwhelmed with work and cannot ever answer them…?

  2. *giggle* love it! when I first started seeing my ldr, he used to write to me / talk about being insatiable and not wanting me to be too worn out. almost two years in and our conversations leading to a rendezvous is more about him resting up and working out in prep ;) LOL

  3. I have just discovered your blog and am thoroughly enjoying your stories…so thank you. It is a great feeling when (at least in my case) a lover has mocked for saying you are insatiable…having never met someone who can wear them out…and then when you do? They are gobsmacked. It’s a lovely feeling on many levels. Good for you!

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