Feeling Sexy and Brightening Things Up (pic included)

While standing in line at the grocery store the other day I looked over at the young twenty-something woman in front of me clad in t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops. Her light shopping put her in the rapid checkout lane just like me, and I too was dressed casually, toes showing. But where mine were a chic, neutral nude tone, hers were a vibrant hot pink. And I have to say… hers were ten times as sexy!

Now, I’ve been sporting various shades of neutral for years. When I get a pedicure they know what colors I’ll reach for. However, this last time I threw them for a loop. So much so that the sweet lady pampering my feet asked twice, “Is this your color?”

And after making the switch to a shockingly bright (for me) coral, I have to say, I feel sexier. What do y’all think? Should I return to the safety of beige? Or continue the bright trend… at least through summer?

My now-vibrant toes sporting OPI's polish: Suzi's Hungary Again. And my oh-so pale legs. Maybe some self-tanner is in order.

My now-vibrant toes sporting OPI’s polish: Suzi’s Hungary Again. And my oh-so pale legs. Maybe some self-tanner is in order.

30 thoughts on “Feeling Sexy and Brightening Things Up (pic included)

  1. Do NOT go for safety. For summer and on your toes? Absolutely – bright, hot. I’m currently sporting a shimmery purple. The color makes me happy.
    Not returning to the safe beige could be a metaphor for many things. I like it.

  2. That’s funny….I just painted my nails too! Mine are burgundy, not very springish but it’s my color. I like your sexy hot pink! Change is always good. Beige seems like a shade for someone far less passionate than you….


    • You know all about bold! Mr. Miata… my blogging buddy. I’m so glad you’ve stuck around. I’m gushing here in the comments. But it’s important for you to know that. xoxox.

  3. Happy Toes. I love that color. I have always loved L’Oreals Cherry in the Snow. Lovely red that would look very pretty on those toes – bitable…like cherries. xo, Jayne

      • I’ve loved that color for so long, : / that I’ve taken it for granted and got the name wrong. I know it by bottle shape, actual hue and how smooth it paints onto my nails. REVLON : Cherries in the Snow It would be very pretty on your toes Marian.

  4. Oh no! Stick to the bright sexy fun shades for summer & beyond! I just adore the colour on you! I’m a big fan of the bright but not too OTT colours…go for it girl!

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