My Orgasms Are Making My Head Explode

His mouth worked at my nipple. The hard tug combined with the flick of his tongue… nirvana. He lay on his back, while I rode him, both his hands around my full breast while his mouth continued to suck. My middle finger rubbed rapidly on my clit and at the same time his cock thrust against my g-spot. All of my pleasure sensors were being stimulated at once bringing me closer and closer to the edge.

The general term for a sudden pain that radiates through one's head during orgasm is simply called a sexual headache. Way to mild a term in my opinion.

The general term for a sudden pain that radiates through one’s head during orgasm is simply called a sexual headache. Way too mild a term in my opinion.

So close. A low moan built inside me, bubbling up into my throat. Almost. There.

Then, as I crested and began to release what promised to be one of the greatest climaxes of my life, a splitting pain ran through the center of my skull. It radiated out, surrounding my entire head in agony.

I crumpled on top of him, my moan transforming into a cry. The sudden movement jerked my nipple from his lips, accentuating the torture. My hands clasped around my head, attempting to close what I thought must surely be an actual crack in my skull. What else could possibly hurt so badly?

Turns out there’s a name for it: coital cephalalgia. These so called “sexual headaches” aren’t thought to be common. But that could be due to under-reporting. While I don’t mind telling my doctor I was in the throes of ecstasy, at the brink of ultimate orgasm, until it was shattered by what felt like a white-hot knife slicing through the center of my brain like room temperature butter, some people might consider this over-sharing.

It took a good fifteen minutes for the pain to begin to subside and without the popping of five Ibuprofen and his gentle massaging I believe it would have taken even longer. As I lay curled up on the bed, all I could think about was how I had been robbed of an errupting orgasmn by the exploding of my head.

“It was gonna be so good,” I whimpered.

“Shh,” he soothed, “You’ll have other orgasms honey.”

“But I wanted that one,” I whined.

A few days later, I had worked up the courage to try again—this time alone. My vibrator buzzed between my thighs as I remembered his hands and mouth on me. The buildup to release progressed at the usual pace when I’m solo. (about two minutes for those who are wondering) And just a I was going to get relief, it happened again.

This time there was no one present to ease the tension with caring hands. By myself, in the dark, I waited for the misery to wane. But when it finally eased, it had been replaced with a new hurt—the ominous throb of loneliness and the chilling fear of my own orgasms.

21 thoughts on “My Orgasms Are Making My Head Explode

  1. I had not heard of this, but I learn something new every day. I would be curious to hear what a doctor has to say.

  2. You’ve taken the term “hurts so good” to a whole new – and wholly unwanted – level, Marian.
    I’m sorry you had to suffer alone, my lovely friend. You deserve better, to say the least.
    Get help if you need to, but deal with this… soon. Has it continued to happen?
    Be well, my friend.

  3. It’s interesting you said it’s more common in men. As I was reading this I thought “Yep, I remember that s-o-o-o-o well.” For about 6 months many years ago I had excruciating pain just before … you know … but as I recall it started in the center of my head and pushed to the back. It went away, and hasn’t happened since.


  4. A million years ago – when Viagra was the new sex toy, my H started getting these right before he was ready to cum. It’s the only time it happened to him. He didn’t really need the drug so he stopped taking it. Did the doctor offer anything? There’s gotta be SOMETHING to rid yourself of the headaches. You’ll find something Marian. I know it. XO, Jayne

  5. On the one hand, I can’t imagine how terrible it might be to experience such a thing
    On the other hand, perv that I am, I can imagine the view of you going for a ride on your man… :-)

  6. Oh Noodle! Whenever I don’t know why something physical is happening to me, I figure it must be hormonal. So I’m figuring this for you too. It will pass. Plus we are all here holding your hand.


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