Shut Down

Meg lay curled on the bed turned away from him, trying to gather her thoughts. He had twisted her words again. It didn’t matter what she said. He had a better parry for it. This was why she hated arguments with him. Her feelings didn’t seem to matter. As long as he won. He made her feel… less than. But that wasn’t right. Her counselor had said no one had the power to make you feel a certain way.

So why did he always seem to know exactly what to say to shut her down? A dull ache just beneath her collarbone began. It constricted, making forming words difficult. She wanted to hit him. Lashing out would feel good. But only make her look childish. As if curling up in a half-formed fetal position didn’t.

She really couldn’t win.

shut down

14 thoughts on “Shut Down

  1. unfortutnatly, I am very guilty of being “him” in this vignette. My actions to “shut” my wife down are perhaps the most damaging decisions I’ve ever made. Most of them where un-conscience choices, but that does not excuse me. Does this happen to you, or better question yet: where did the inspiration for this come from? Thanks and keep up the great writing.

  2. I so love and hate this. Perfectly captured. It seems like “him” to me, but I’m sure it’s more likely just that someone you’ve let down your guard with… but that fight is there, and then he says “that thing.” It is the hardest – THE HARDEST – thing to create in a fictitious dialog, no matter how many times you’ve heard it in real life.

    FYEO… I’ll send it email.

  3. Sometimes I find myself playing this game. I know how to count the cards. And sometimes I do. But often times I fold even though I know I have the winning hand. And I wonder, is it better to to never play the game at all or to engage them and let them win a hand or two.

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