I’ve Been Hooked

The notorious bellman, Robert Hookey, (known throughout the blogging community as The Hook) has been doing a neat feature on his blog called the 5 x 5. There he asks five well thought out questions to the bloggers he chooses to spotlight. And it’s a pretty impressive list. So I was beyond honored when he asked me to be a part of it.

Read The Hook’s post here.

I feel like I hover on that line between creative blogger and sex blogger, and because I do write sexy sometimes (ok… a lot) some of the more mainstream bloggers shy away. But he didn’t. And that means a lot. 

For those of you who’ve landed here because of Hooks post… Hi! Thanks for stopping by! And so just so you know, though some of what I write can get a tad steamy, all the photography I include is tasteful, safe-for-work imagery. So please, kill some time digging through my archives, which is basically just peeking into the most private corners of my soul. 

And Robert, thank you again. You have a true gift for making people feel special. 


14 thoughts on “I’ve Been Hooked

    • Thanks for the invite! Today I’m in a heather gray, form-fitting maxi skirt that almost reaches the floor, a black camisole layered under a black v-neck t-shirt, and black wedge sandals. I have on long silver earrings and a long silver chain necklace that’s adored with a charm bearing the letter “M”.

  1. Guilty as charged on shying away from the sexy stuff, but in my defense, I am not a mainstream blogger by any stretch, and I read WAY more of yours than the whole rest of this planet combined! ♥

    • I have loved your blog and your creative writing for over two years now. Neither of us blog as much as we have in the past, but anytime I see something new from you I run right over and read it! xoxox! We’re each other’s fans!

    • Really? Sweet Anne! That is so cool! I rarely know how people find me… so thanks for sharing. As to the feeling… I haven’t tried anything that could induce a headache if you know what I mean… Perhaps tonight.

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