Tangled in the Bramble

Inspiration photograph by Karen at Draw and Shoot.

Inspiration photograph by Karen at Draw and Shoot. Click the photo to see her original post.

What becomes of the busy ones? The ones who rush through life filling every moment? In the end are they happier than the ones who didn’t say yes to every invitation, who refused to go out when they were tired?

There is, within me, a longing for simpleness, a desire for the uncomplicated. But it seems like everything I touch gets tangled. And I’m the constant factor.

So simplify, I tell myself. But it’s not that straightforward. Don’t you see… it’s complicated. Irony, no? Simplifying is complicated. And scary. What happens if I’m still? Will the world blow by in a hazy blur and leave me behind? Surely somewhere in the bramble there is a middle ground. I just have to find it.

—part of The Words and Pictures Project collection—
Inspired by the photograph above, taken by the uber talented Karen over at Draw and Shoot. If you want to see some amazingly beautiful ethereal images, her blog is the place to go!!

10 thoughts on “Tangled in the Bramble

  1. Sometimes in the bramble is a refuge. A secret place to hide away and for a moment, be whomever you want. Wherever you want. And things can be as simple as you please. A queen in a kingdom of fairies. One just needs to be tough or brave enough to accept the scrapes and cuts that are likely to come.

  2. “The ones who rush through life filling every moment?”
    I read that line and recalled something a wise man once said- no one in their old age ever looked back and said “damn, I wish I worked more when I was younger.” Both your statement and his evoke the desire to find balance in life and is something I struggle with sometimes.

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