I’m Just a Hole


I’m just a hole. A warm place to land. A pit-stop in the interim, but not for your continuum.

The razors on my fingers are itching to slice. But I threw it all away with a roll of the dice.

The anger is bubbling. I’m holding it back. Control is my forte; I won’t make an attack.

Things were said. Things were done. Where there once was comfort, now there is none.

The sidewalks are empty. Just framing the street. Scorching and writhing in the blistering heat.

Where to now? No path is clear. But it’s no longer the darkness I fear.

You see, I’ve been down this alley. I’ve heard the screams. I’ve walked the land of broken dreams.

Tomorrow I’ll be better. Tomorrow I’ll be fine. Though bruises and blood coat my hide.

My anthem sounds strong. Don’t believe the lie. I’ll fake it forever, until I die.

In truth I’m drifting, my anchor lost. I cut it loose, not knowing the cost.

I’m just hole. A warm place to land. Won’t you come, and rest your head.



23 thoughts on “I’m Just a Hole

  1. I love your words, how you assemble your thoughts into writing, but I do not “like,” the feeling behind them. I know those feeling all too well. You are never alone Precious Noodle.


    • You talked to me a long time ago about my tricky heart… and it’s way of being open. You cautioned me. And I argued. But I’m thinking you were right. I should have listened a little more closely.

  2. I hope this piece has helped you heal, Marian.
    Sometimes a good bleeding does wonders.
    That having been said, if you don’t snap out of this soon I’m going to have to administer a virtual spanking!

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