Shameless Plugs

The main reason I have kept blogging for almost two and a half years is the community we have formed here. Through my ups, my downs, my craziness and my silences this amazing group of readers and other bloggers has been with me through it all. A dear friend of mine and I were talking several months ago about the magic in the little world we have created. And he was right. It is something special.

So for those of you new to our little nook in the universe, I want to take a moment and do some shameless plugs for other bloggers who I personally enjoy… and you just might too.

Bloggers with Books I’d Like to Read 

The Hook
The Hooker with a heart of gold… oh… wait… wrong profession. The Hook is actually a bell man with more than a few funny tales from the trenches of the hospitality industry. And as a blogger he is doing a wonderful job fostering a community of involved readers, sprinkling his words of encouragement far and wide.

Theo Black
I love Theo. And hate him a little. Because I wish I had even a third of his writing talent. The man just pours page after page of the some of the dirtiest, sexiest tales I have ever read. And makes it beautiful. I walk away feeling uplifted… even if I just read about him cleaning off his cock after burying himself in his lover’s ass.

Sean Smithson
If the well-written miss-adventures of a charming, but wrong-place-at-wrong-time male amuse you, then a pop over to Sean’s blog is in order. He gave me a sneak peak of the cover of his new book and I have to say… I’ll happily judge this book by its cover and give it an A.

So why haven’t I read their books? Because I haven’t gone and purchased a prepaid credit card so I can order the digital versions and not burden them with my private information. But I’m going to. In the mean time, I just lap up their blogs.


Bloggers I Feel Like Are My Kindred Spirits

Hyacinth Jones
Yes, this beautiful blonde has had plenty of plugs around the internet, but I KNOW how fabulous she is. You see… I’ve met her. Her warm heart and easy way of loving drew me in. Her turn of phrase and fabulous descriptions kept me around. And now, thanks to her, “rutting like animals” is part of my everyday vocabulary.

Ann St. Vincent
The first time I happened upon Ann’s blog I felt at home. And then I realized why. She reminds me a lot of… me. I dare you to not get drawn into her honest posts as she works through what it means to be single again and partakes of all the adventures to be had. And fingers crossed I’ll be meeting her sometime in the near-ish future.

Cara Thereon
Cara’s blog header states that she stimulates and more than just your mind. And boy does she ever. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been actually fanning myself after reading one of her posts.

Alice Theirry
Alice is a flower who continues to bloom no matter what she faces. Her sexual journey is rich with metaphor and poetry and I have noticed she is loved by men and women alike. They have good taste. Her French kisses aren’t too shabby either.

Jayne at Jayne Ayres
If I remember correctly Jayne began her blog only about five months before me. When I first read her I was like, “Wow! Someone else is blogging to work through some shit!” I didn’t know at the time that that is how a lot of us began. But her open rawness touched me. And still does today. And I’m proud to call her my friend.

There are more sexy, awesome bloggers out there who I love. So if you aren’t on this post… please understand I just can’t list you all. And I’m really enjoying this shameless plug thing, so there might have to be a round two!


Blogger Back from the Dead

Bimodal at Only Partly Erotic
He was gone… like FOREVER. And now he is back and I am hooked again. If ever I get a chance to meet this man… well… wish me luck keeping my panties on. Ladies… you will love him. Men… you will shake your head in wonder.


Bloggers I Hope Write More

Dave at Normal Deviations
He is taking a break from blogging right now, but it was he and his tribe who coined the phrase Gutter Bloggers, a term for those of us who spill our lurid thoughts and tales. He is missed.

LSAM at Love Sex and Marriage
LSAM was one of the first to welcome me into the fold so very long ago. And I have never forgotten that. She has a loyal following and we all love it when she has time to post. Hint. Hint. Hint.

Beatnik at Beatnik Du Jour
This man seems to have abandoned his blog for the quick satisfaction of tweets. But there is so much more to him than 160 (is that the right number?) characters. I hope this friend of mine takes my gentle scold as it is meant (in fun) and gets to work on some more juicy posts.

35 thoughts on “Shameless Plugs

  1. Wow, Marian! Thank you so much…this is very sweet. It was Sean Smithson who introduced me to you, so you can call him a kindred-spirit matchmaker :)
    I definitely look forward to sharing a few bottles of wine with you soon!

  2. This is very cool – because I get to see who you enjoy which means they must be good. I do follow some of these already. I thought you were here before me. We dove in at the same time. Reading what you said made me feel like we’ve gone through Boot Camp together : ) with a couple of side adventures somewhere in the mix. xo, Jayne

  3. Thank you, thank you thank you! I just realized that my reply to this huge compliment is on my blog, not yours. Oops!
    I am flattered and excited to read the blogs that I don’t already know. Merci beaucoup ma belle amie!


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